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Thousands of fans sang with Scorpions on Tuesday evening in Bucharest

Thousands of fans sang on Tuesday evening, at Romexpo, the Scorpions hit songs “Wind of Change”, “Send me an Angel” or “Still loving you” during a concert that brought back the rockers in Bucharest in front of an audience who proved that the commitment towards the artists hasn’t been lost.

Fans of all ages gathered near the giant scene, that was put together in North of Bucharest, because at 21:00hrs the musicians appeared on the stage to perform for the Romanian audience a show from their newest “Crazy World Tour”. In a sea of lights and projections displayed on the side screens, they started the concert with the song called “Going Out with a Bang.”. Klaus Meine, the band’s lead singer, greeted the audience in Romanian language – “Good evening Bucharest! How are you?”, to the delight of those gathered there.

The Scorpions’ concert was, to a large extent, a reverence for the chaos of the rockers’ career, and the lead singer briefly evoked what the ’70s period meant for them, before a medley of the following songs “Top of the Bill / Steamrock Fever / Speedy’s Coming / Catch Your Train”.

After the incursion in what the musicians built 40 years ago, Meine introduced the song called “We Built this House.” “That’s why we’re still here,” Meine said, when referring to the message of the song.

With a career of 53 years, the Scorpions band made a total show in Bucharest. The concert was attended by authentic rockers or simple music lovers, nostalgic fans of the ‘70s to ‘90s, during which time the music of the German rockers made a strong impression on those present at this show. A lot of children of different ages have also been present, being brought by their parents to see with their own eyes what true music means, thus passing on the torch, somehow, to a new generation.

The show had a powerful imprint related to the Scorpions’ journey over time, in order to prove what really means a hit song. Towards the end of a new acoustic medley made up of the following songs “Follow Your Heart / Eye of the Storm / Send Me an Angel,” the crowd sang the chorus of the latter song, while waving their lit phones. “Bucharest, Romania we love you!” the Scorpions’ lead singer shouted. After “Send me an Angel,” the band performed “Wind of Change,” a song that was described by Meine as being a song of hope throughout generations.

The show featured demonstrations of virtuosity from veterans Klaus Meine and Rudolf Schenker, but also brought drummer Mikkey Dee into the spotlight. After “Overkill,” a cover of his former band called Motorhead, Dee performed a solo act and finally asked the audience to say whether his performance was ok or not – pointing his thumb down and up and waiting for the fans to react.

The last songs included in the Scorpions’ initial concert hours were “Blackout” and “Big City Nights,” but during the encore part, the band returned on the stage to sing their classic tunes of “Still Loving You” and “Rock You Like a Hurricane.”

The evening was opened by the concert of the Compact B, with Leo Iorga and Salamandra as special guests. The atmosphere was warmed by famous songs like “Ma voi intoarce” or “Sa te gandesti la mine”.

The first Scorpions concert in Romania was held in September 1993 on the Dinamo stadium in Bucharest. Thousands of people welcomed the German rockers since then and sang together with them. “Is There Anybody There?”, “Big City Nights” or “Wind of Change” could be heard in Bucharest on that autumn evening. Then followed the concerts at the Polyvalent Hall of Bucharest in 2004, and in 2013 and 2016 those held at Romexpo, but also the performances in Sibiu in 2007, Craiova in 2008 and Cluj Napoca in 2011. The Romanians answered positively every time and came in large numbers to meet their idols.

The band is currently made up of Rudolf Schenker (guitar, vocal), Klaus Meine (lead vocal, guitar), Matthias Jabs (guitar, vocal), Pawel Maciwoda (bass, vocal), Mikkey Dee (drums). Throughout their career, of over 50 years, the band sold over 100 million albums.


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