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February 3, 2023

BistroMar, a restaurant with a novel Gourmet Bistro concept in Bucharest

Situated in Bucharest, in Floreasca Square, on 41 Banul Andronache Street, BistroMar offers its clients a menu based on fish and shellfish, prepared exclusively with Alfredo Seafood brand products. Opened by siblings Cristian and Diana Darmanescu, following an investment of approximately 200,000 euro, the restaurant, which is based on the live cooking concept, has a surface of 50 square metres inside and a 30-square-metre patio, and functions as both a bistro and a point of sale for raw and packaged Alfredo Seafood products.

After the first quarter of activity, there are positive signs that the business is on the right track, as stated by BistroMar CEO and Alfredo Seafood founder Cristian Darmanescu at a press conference. For the first half, the target is the attainment of the profitability rate, with a monthly turnover of 100,000 euro set to be reached at the end of 2019.

What is special about BistroMar? The specialties are prepared directly in front of the clients, who can talk with the chefs and with Chef Catalin Jernoiu, the man who creates the recipes and sets the menu based on the existing amount of fresh fish.

“The main star of the menu is the perfectly selected fish, fish that has travelled the continental seas, and you have a relevant example here on the table. Wild fish are the stars in our restaurant,” Cristian Darmanescu stated at the press conference. Products based on fresh red tuna, wild royal dorada, seawolf, pagel (pink dorada), scorpionfish, John Dory, dentex, sand sole, swordfish, or products based on common fish such as the European hake, cod, Atlantic mackerel, and herring can also be savoured. The fresh products in the fish display freezers come mainly from the continental seas of Europe, from Greece, Italy (Mediterranean), but also from Spain (Atlantic Ocean), Denmark, Norway, Ireland, France, Portugal, or even from Sri Lanka. The products of high quality are purchased first thing in the morning straight from fishing harbours or fish markets and arrive in the country within an interval of 10 to 60 hours at most, being transported by air or road, on ice. The frozen packaged products come from far away: U.S., Russia, South Africa, India, Argentina. “We have chosen this location because those who visit us frequently are knowledgeable and want to consume wild fish,” Cristian Darmanescu added.

Some of the star dishes of the BistroMar menu are: Black Tiger tempura shrimps with wasabi sauce, ‘a la Galiego’ octopus with baked potatoes, or the Alaskan black cod. Clients can also savour tuna tartare with avocado, or salmon tartare with mango. The menu features dishes for all tastes, also having simple but extremely savoury dishes such as: sturgeon borsch, roe salad, or fried European anchovies. From the standpoint of prices, BistroMar is in the medium-high segment, the price of lunch standing at around 90 lei per person in a la carte regime, and 60 lei in the case of the menu of the day.

“Alfredo Seafood’s motto is ‘perfectly selected fish,’ and now, through BistroMar, we have the opportunity to bring these best-quality products directly on the plates of consumers. We thought out BistroMar as a mix between a Gourmet Bistro where savoury specialties cooked from recipes signed by Chef Catalin Jernoiu are served and a fishery in which we sell raw products both in bulk and packaged. Likewise, clients can select the take-away option, taking home the dishes cooked right in front of them. In the future, we consider expanding BistroMar as a franchise, but for the time being we are focusing on the proper functioning of the first unit opened,” Cristian Darmanescu stated. Constanta could be one of the cities in which the network could expand.

BistroMar and Alfredo Seafood actively support the campaign to raise the consumption of fish to at least one dish per week, especially the consumption of oceanic fish that is especially beneficial for the human body given its Omega-3 and Omega-6 content. “At BistroMar, we are also trying to explain to clients which the most efficient cooking methods are, we deal with filleting, scaling, etc., so we are directly continuing the process of education that we kept talking about in the last two years,” Cristian Darmanescu concluded. At present, in Romania, the consumption of fish stands at over 6 kilograms of fish per capita. Fish dishes are eaten on average once every three weeks.

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