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August 12, 2022

Sinaia hosted the Franco-Romanian Meetings of Decentralized Cooperation

The city of Sinaia, Prahova County, recently hosted an important meeting organized by the French Embassy in Bucharest. We are talking about the Franco-Romanian Meetings of Decentralized Cooperation, where the discussion regarded the projects developed by the French and Romanian territorial collectivities who will enroll in the France-Romania 2018-2019 Season.

The event that took place on June 7 and 8, 2018, was held at the “Carmen Sylva” Cultural Center from Sinaia; the representatives of all the administrative-territorial units from Romania who have ongoing cooperation agreements with similar French institutions answered to the invitation of the Embassy of the Republic of France in Bucharest. The event was organized in partnership with the Sinaia Municipality and the host was the Deputy Mayor of the city, Gheorghe Badaran.

As announced by the Sinaia Municipality, the meeting organized by the French Association of the Communes and Regions Council (AFCCRE) and the French Embassy in Romania was attended by Bernard Saules – France-Romania Working Group Responsible – AFCCRE, member of the AFCCRE Board of Directors, Christophe Gigaudaut – The Manager of the French Institute in Romania and Cultural Cooperation and Action Counselor – the French Embassy in Bucharest. The projects developed by the French and Romanian territorial collectivities which will enroll in the France-Romania 2018-2019 Season have also been discussed in the presence of Jean Jacques Garnier, the French Commissioner of the Season, and of his Romanian counterpart, Andrei Tarnea.

Besides, the Franco-Romanian Meetings of Decentralized Cooperation organized in Sinaia, an event chaired by Bernard Saules, who also holds the position of the Vice Chairman of the Aveyron Department Council, occasioned the mobilization of the representatives of the National Union of the Romanian County Councils, of the Romanian Municipalities Association and of the Romanian Communes Association, as well as of the French ones, on the theme of decentralized cooperation.

The event organized in Prahova County is the second meeting of the France-Romania working group that allows the exchange of ideas and best practices on the collectivities’ issues and actions. Besides, it was mentioned that the cross cultural seasons, like France-Romania 2018-2019, occasion the exchange of ideas and are a kind of project incubators that highlight collectivities. In this context, the French and Romanian representatives underlined that local collectivities are by far an important engine of the bilateral French-Romanian cooperation in various fields, from culture and Francophonie to sustainable economic development, projects for youngsters and public health.

Concerning the French-Romanian cooperation, it was mentioned that this is a very active one. Specifically, 117 French-Romanian partnerships were concluded, being related to 24 municipalities, 10 counties, 12 cities and 71 communes from Romania; these partnerships prove the historical connections between France and Romania, which were actively strengthened also at territorial level. One of the 12 mentioned cities is Sinaia itself, which is twinned with Athis Mons.

The protocol was signed in September 1994 at Athis Mons, and one year later, in September, at Sinaia. Over the time, these relationships have developed and expanded, and many official visits have been exchanged. A special relationship between the two tween cities was started in the spring of 1990, when the “Amitie-Sinaia” Friendship Association was founded; it is an organization which favored the development of cultural, social and economic exchanges, and which occasioned later, over the years, true and lasting friendships.

We must add that, at an informal meeting that preceded the event in Sinaia, the French Ambassador in Romania, Michele Ramis, stated: “The France-Romania Season is the opportunity to boost the twinning between the French and Romanian localities, to strengthen the joint projects related to the local public policies and to schedule impact events everywhere in our two countries”.

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