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January 27, 2023

Congratulatory message of the Romanian Ministry of Foreign Affairs : South Africa is now Romania’s most important partner in Sub-Saharan Africa and a prominent African leader

The Romanian Minister of Foreign Affairs welcomes the celebration of the National Day of the Republic of South Africa, which was held on April 27th. In this historic day, the South African population managed to replace the venomous apartheid regime and established the majority rule, in what has become known as the Freedom Day, the day in which the first free elections were held. We stand together now, with our South African friends, united by the same ideals: peace, justice and development. On this occasion, we wish to express our best wishes to our South African friends from Romania and abroad.

Although the ties between Romania and South Africa were officially launched in 1991, the level of cooperation between our countries reached high levels in a short period of time.  South Africa is now Romania’s most important partner in Sub-Saharan Africa and a prominent African leader. We enjoy a very good collaboration in the fields of education, culture as well as in the economic field, and we are sure that the current levels will be exceeded in the future. Prominent leader inside the African Union and member of the BRICS, South Africa has emerged as an important actor on the global stage. However, South Africa’s importance should be seen outside its geopolitical status – South Africa is a unique model of diversity. Having a rich and, sometimes,  tumultuous history, South Africa has today 11 official languages recognized by the constitution, while people from all races live in what is called the rainbow state, due to its diversity.

Now, 24 years after the Freedom Day, South Africa embarks on a new era, following the recent appointment of Mr. Cyril Ramaphosa as president of the Republic. Romania, in the same time, 29 years after the revolution, is preparing to hold, for the first time, the presidency of the Council of the EU, in the first semester of 2019. We have now a wonderful opportunity: by working together and by facilitating the dialogue between organizations, such as the European Union and the African Union, we can multiply the bridges that unite us.

In this global context, in which the relations between countries are multifaceted and complex, the premises for developing the cooperation between Romania and South Africa are there to be taken. 24 years after the emergence of the modern South Africa, we stand prepared to reach a new level in our cooperation and to multiply the bridges between us.

Long live South Africa!


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