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October 1, 2022

The censure motion “Stop the Puppet Government!” will be filed on June 20. What are the Opposition’s calculations?

On June 20, the National Liberal Party (PNL) will file the censure motion against the Dancila Government. The chances for the motion to be adopted are minimal, since, mathematically speaking, the Opposition relies on 165 votes of the total of 233 necessary votes, even if is also supported by the non-affiliated parliamentarians who joined Victor Ponta’s Pro Romania party.

The recent migration of several parliamentarians from the Opposition parties to PSD and ALDE has overturned the calculations of the PNL Chairman Ludovic Orban related to the censure motion by which he wants to dismiss the Government led by PM Vasilica Viorica Dancila. MP Valeriu Steriu and Senators Ion Ganea and Iustin Talpos went from PMP to PSD, and thus the party has lost its parliamentary group in the Senate. PNL has also lost two people, namely the PNL Senator Ion Popa, who joined ALDE, and the Liberal Senator Daniel Zamfir who announced on Saturday evening that he is leaving the party, after the PNL Executive Bureau decided to exclude him a few months ago, accusing him of having a “pact” with the ruling parties.

In conclusion, at the censure motion, at the Deputies’ Chamber, PNL-USR-PMP would have 108 pros or 118 votes in total, if the non-affiliated MPs from the Pro Romania party founded by Victor Ponta will join them. At the Senate, PNL-USR and the non-affiliates parliamentarians would have only 47 pros. Therefore, all the Opposition’s parliamentarians would have only 165 votes, while the necessary number of votes in order for the censure motion to be adopted is 233.

On the other hand, PSD-ALDE benefit from a comfortable majority to give a rejection vote related to the censure motion. At the Deputies’ Chamber, PSD-ALDE would have 165 votes, or 188 votes if UDMR will join them, and the total number of cons, including the minorities, would be 205. At the Senate, PSD-ALDE benefit from 79 votes, respectively 88 votes if UDMR will join them. In total, the ruling parties have 293 votes, more than enough to reject the Opposition’s censure motion.

According to the parliamentary procedure, a censure motion can be initiated by at least a quarter of the total number of the deputies and senators and is communicated to the Government on the filing date. In order to be adopted, a censure motion needs the majority vote of the deputies and senators. Today, the total number of parliamentarians is 465.

The censure motion to be filed by PNL in the Parliament on June 20 is called “Stop the Puppet Government!”In the text of the document, Liberals accuse the governing party of using the Constitutional Court of Romania (CCR) to “amputate” the attributions of President Klaus Iohannis. “Thus, PSD, with the CCR’s hand, moved the decision related to the dismissal of the prosecutors from the high prosecutor’s offices in the courtyard of the Justice Minister, a minister who is politically appointed ad who can take arbitrary political decision anytime, replacing prosecutors according to the political interests. This approach is contrary to the European Union’s position, which is against politicizing the judiciary” reads the Liberals’ document.

PNL also reproaches to PM Viorica Dancila that since she was appointed, all the measures taken by the Government have only “sank the country’s economy”.

Last year, on November 23, the joint plenum of the Parliament rejected the censure motion called “PSDragnea, mother to all in the campaign, plague at rule”, by which Liberals were asking PM Mihai Tudose to resign. According to the official data, there were 159 pros, 3 cons and 23 abstentions. At least 233 pros would have been necessary to dismiss the Government. (Mediafax)

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