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October 5, 2022

Artist Alexandra Nechita is the new Ambassador of the FUZETEA brand

Alexandra Nechita, the internationally renowned Romanian-American artist, joins FUZETEA as Brand Ambassador and brings the concept “Timp cu Tine” (Time with You – e.n.), by which consumers are encouraged to spent some time to relax, to reconnect with themselves. The collaboration with the Brand Ambassador involves a complex marketing campaign that includes a TV spot where Alexandra has the main role, as well as a large-scale component developed in the digital environment.

FUZETEA is an innovative drink through the mix of ingredients – an unexpected fusion of tea extract, fruit juices and aromatic herbs, thus creating a unique, complex experience which is perfect for the relaxing and quiet moments.

“We are glad to have Alexandra Nechita here, as the Brand Ambassador, whose art and personality fit to the FUZETEA philosophy: we need time for ourselves, we need to disconnect ourselves to be able to refresh our creativity and go on. The collaboration between Alexandra and FUSETEA means new and unique experiences for the Romanian consumers, whose tastes and preferences are constantly changing and who are looking for diversified options, with more sophisticated flavors” stated Constantin Bratu, Public Affairs & Communication Manager at Coca-Cola Romania.

“FUZETEA is the best choice I can imagine for our agitated lives, because the time for ourselves and the breaks e give to ourselves are the ingredients that help us perform. I am very glad that I became the Brand Ambassador, because I identify myself with the FUZETEA mix of colors and flavors” stated Alexandra Nechita, the FUZETEA Brand Ambassador.

In May 2018, the FUZETEA success on the Romanian market received the Product of the Year Award at the Non-Carbonated Beverages category, at the Gala entitled “Votat Produsul Anului – Consumatorii Premiază Inovația” (e.n. – “Voted as the Product of the Year – Consumers Award Innovation”), based on the consumers’ opinions. Being present on the domestic market since January 2018, FUZETEA is available in five flavors: Black Icetea Lemon Lemongrass, Black Icetea Peach Hibiscus, Green Icetea Lime Mint, Black Icetea Forest Fruits and Black Icetea Mango Pineapple. Responding to our strategic goal to be A company for all, FUZETEA is an option with low calorie content (19-20 calories per 100ml, depending on the flavor), being sweetened with a mixture of sugar and hypocaloric sweetener extracted from stevia leaves. The Coca-Cola Company aligns to the constantly changing preferences and trends of the consumers, delivering low sugar or zero sugar products that are available in a wide range of packages, including small packages.

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