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September 29, 2022

Bucharest General Mayor Firea, about the event on the National Arena dedicated to Simona Halep: “I made a mistake”

Bucharest General Mayor Gabriela Firea stated on Monday, in an interview for RFI, that she made a mistake by granting the key of the city and the excellence diploma to Simona Halep at the event on the National Arena.

“I’ve been thinking these days, I tried to see if it was good or not, if I acted properly, and I came to a conclusion to which I hope most people will come to: good intentions existed from the first moment – the great regret is that it wasn’t like I wanted to be, indeed… I had the best intention, but the result was not the one I wanted and obviously I made a mistake, both me and my team, because in a quite tensed climate like the one in Bucharest one week ago, and after the PSD rally, it was obvious that it wasn’t the best place and moment to grant the key of the city and the excellence diploma on the National Arena, where we were so excited to organize from all our heart Simona’s meeting with her fans, after I have already granted the title of Honorary Citizen to Simona Halep in February” Gabriela Firea stated in an interview for the RFI radio channel.

She also said that she didn’t planned to stay with Simona Halep throughout the event.

“It’s true, I had in my mind the idea that this is how anyone acts anywhere in Europe, this is how they do it in America, I saw such events also as a journalist… On the last Monday morning I was criticized all the time that I’m not organizing myself faster and better in order to organize something special for Simona, and I thought I will be accused of being arrogant if I will go there to grant the distinctions and then I leave – because that was the idea – to grant the key, to retire and the show I prepared to be performed. I didn’t plan for one second to continue to stay at Simona  Halep’s event… Now, when things happened, we can say anything, and I can say I’d wish to have been wiser or more cautious and organize, let’s say, a smaller ceremony at the City Hall, at the headquarters, or perhaps at another location, and then Simona would have been the only one going to the Arena, of course, with the thinking of today, you know how it is… Romanian’s last thinking” Gabriela Firea also said.

On Monday, at the event dedicated to Simona Halep on the National Arena, when Gabriela Firea started her speech inviting Simona Halep on the stage, thousands of people booed her in unison. Later, the General Mayor said that “Soros’s mechanism” tried to compromise the event since that morning. Then, Gabriela Firea’s  Facebook page was closed and reopened several times; in the end, the post was deleted.

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