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October 2, 2022

Future Folk, a project to promote the traditional costume

In the week in which the Romanian Blouse Universal Day is celebrated on June 24, an original project promoting the traditional costume is also launched – the Future Folk project. Co-funded by the National Cultural Fund Administration, the Youth Center of Bucharest and the National Commission of Romania for UNESCO, the event is an initiative of the Alumnus Club UNESCO Association from Bucharest. At the same time, the project was implemented with the support of the the Parliamentary Group of National Minorities within the Chamber of Deputies, the Romanian Cultural Institute, the National Village Museum “Dimitrie Gusti”, the Hellenic Union of Romania, the Community of the Lippovan Russians in Romania, the European Federation of Associations, Centers and Clubs for UNESCO, the Romanian Federation of UNESCO Associations, Centers and Clubs, the Romanian Television – the Department for Other Minorities, the Jewish State Theater, the Odeon Theater, Burda Romania Press Group.

The Future Folk project is a Romanian contribution to the European Year of the Cultural Heritage – 2018, as well as to UNESCO’s initiatives, which highlight the cultural heritage of all states, but it is especially dedicated to the Centenary of the Great Union. More specifically, this project aims to contribute to the revitalization and promotion of the immaterial cultural heritage of Romania, putting into the spotlight through its contemporary design an essential piece of it – the traditional costume. But this time, not only the Romanian costume, but also the traditional costumes specific to the national minorities will be highlighted. The creator of the original cultural product proposed by Future Folk is Carmen Emanuela Popa, Ph.D., designer at the National University of Arts in Bucharest. She has prepared an avant-garde collection of fashion design inspired by traditional costumes, a collection that will be launched at Parliament’s Palace this week, on June 20. Later, this collection will turn into an itinerant exhibition first in Bucharest, at the most suitable place for such a presentation – the Village Museum, followed by similar presentations in Ploiesti and Tulcea.

The event on June 20 will take place at 17.00 in the Nicolae Balcescu Hall of the Parliament’s Palace, under the high patronage of the Deputies’ Chamber, and will benefit from the support of all the members of the National Minority Parliamentary Group. The event will be opened with a poetry recital by actress Maia Morgenstern, after which the designer Carmen Emanuela Popa will present her sketches and the collection of fashion design created specifically for this project. In the end, the exhibition catalog and a short movie evoking the concept on which the entire Future Folk project is based, will be presented.

The collection of the designer Carmen Emanuela Popa has a strong visual impact, highlighting graphic elements found in popular costumes in parallel with stylized vegetal inspirational structures that converge in many cases to an abstraction of forms. It is a stylistic intertwining between the clothing that is specific to the Romanian national identity and to the national minorities in Romania, on the one hand, and the contemporary fashion object, on the other hand. The chromatic accents are very strong, ranging from red arnica to limestone tones, to deep black, all on a native base of white color. It is certain that Carmen Emanuela Popa, through her creations, wants to launch an invitation to communication, dialogue and understanding between people, which in fact brings together the messages of this project.

Besides, the theme and the message of the project correspond to the slogan of the European Year of the Cultural Heritage 2018 – “Our Heritage: Where the Past Meets the Future”.


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