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August 14, 2022

Orban after Daniel Zamfir joins ALDE: Some prefer to fill the ranks of crumb-gobblers, alongside their boss Tariceanu. What am I to tell these crumb-gobblers except good riddance?

On Monday, National Liberal Party (PNL) leader Ludovic Orban commented on Senator Daniel Zamfir’s decision to leave PNL for ALDE, saying that some of those who were voted in office on the lists of PNL preferred to “fill the ranks of the crumb-gobblers” alongside “their boss” Calin Popescu Tariceanu. Orban added that he can only tell them “good riddance,” pointing out that true Liberals remain members of the PNL.

“Ahead of some decisive battles for Romania, it is normal for some to be more cowardly and to leave the frontlines, to defect to the enemy camp. That’s that. I wasn’t the one who put them on the list. Mr Zamfir was undergoing an exclusion procedure, and Mr Marius Nicoara is not even a PNL member anymore according to the PNL Statute,” Ludovic Orban stated on Monday in Parliament.

He criticised some Liberals’ defection from the party, saying that, even though they were voted in office on the lists of PNL, they preferred “to fill the ranks of the crumb-gobblers” alongside “the boss of crumb-gobblers” Calin Popescu Tariceanu.

“PNL will wage this battle with just as much energy and confidence in success, even if some of those who received the vote of the people while being PNL’s candidates have preferred to fill the ranks of the crumb-gobblers, alongside the boss of crumb-gobblers, namely Mr Tariceanu. The crumb-gobblers being those who are in Dragnea’s living room and are satisfied with the crumbs falling off Dragnea’s table. What am I to tell these crumb-gobblers except good riddance? The true Liberals remains alongside PNL, especially now when we are on the brink of an important battle for Romania,” the PNL President added.

Senate Speaker Calin Popescu Tariceanu announced during a press conference on Sunday that ex-PNL Senator Daniel Zamfir, who had resigned from the PNL the day before, joined ALDE.

Daniel Zamfir announced on Saturday evening, through an open letter to his colleagues, that he will leave the PNL, reiterating the fact that the reason for his exclusion belongs “to times we would have liked long gone,” stating that PNL was “put in the trenches.”

Likewise, he said that the direction the PNL is heading in is wrong, so the party has lost the brand that had consecrated it during its 140 years of history, turning “from a party that defends the people’s fundamental rights and freedoms into the outspoken defender of abuses.” He noted “with bitterness” that his effort “to convince the libertarian adventurers around the president that PNL’s road is profoundly mistaken is in vain.”

Senator Marius Nicoara has also joined ALDE.

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