ForMin Melescanu: Maior’s job as former spy chief has no connection with his ambassadorship

Asked about the Romanian Intelligence Service’s (SRI) protocol with the Supreme Court of Justice, Foreign Minister Teodor Melescanu said on Wednesday that George Maior’s former job as director of SRI has nothing to do with the latter’s ambassadorship.

“No, to my knowledge, there was no such discussion. His job as SRI director has nothing to do with the current position at the Foreign Ministry as an ambassador of Romania,” Melescanu told Parliament, asked if there were discussions about Maior’s resignation as ambassador to the US, given that Maior signed the controversial protocol while in office as director of the SRI.

Asked if there is no effect of this protocol scandal between the SRI and the judiciary, the minister replied: “It has to be seen what the bases on which the protocols were built were.”

He said that he often talks with Maior, but they only talk about issues related to the operation of the Foreign Ministry.

The Romanian Intelligence Service published on Monday its co-operation protocol with the Attorney General’s Office and the Supreme Court of Justice.

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