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October 2, 2022

PNL tables no-confidence motion to topple Dancila Government Orban: Parliamentarians who won’t vote for the motion are Liviu Dragnea’s flunkeys

The no-confidence motion titled “The dismissal of the Dragnea-Dancila Government, a national urgency,” was tabled by the PNL on Wednesday, after a joint plenary meeting in which Premier Viorica Dancila presented the stage of the preparations for the takeover of the EU Council’s presidency at the start of next year.

The Liberals want the motion to be read within the plenum next Monday and to be put up for vote toward the end of next week, the exact timetable set to be established by the Joint Standing Bureau.

PNL President Ludovic Orban announced on Tuesday that if the motion passes the party he leads is ready to undertake the responsibility of governing, and he will be the party’s nomination for the Prime Minister’s office.

In the text of the no-confidence motion, the Liberals accuse the ruling party of using the Constitutional Court of Romania (CCR) to “amputate” President Klaus Iohannis’s prerogatives.

“PSD, with the use of the CCR, has thus moved the decision regarding the dismissal of the prosecutors of the main prosecutor’s offices in the courtyard of the Justice Minister, a politically-appointed minister who can take arbitrary political decisions at any time, replacing prosecutors based on political interests. This approach runs counter to the position of the European Union, which has taken a position against the politicisation of the judiciary,” reads the Liberals’ document.

Likewise, the Liberals blame the Government for the rise of the ROBOR index, the inflation rate hike, the changes brought to the Fiscal Code and the postponement of the acceptance upon completion of the Lugoj-Deva and Sebes-Turda expressways.

“We ended up debating today a no-confidence motion against the third Government guaranteed by Mr Dragnea, because the Dancila Government is threatening, via its ministers, the private property of 7 million contributors to the Pillar II Pension Fund. There is no guarantee that the Dancila Government will not leave the current employees without pension money! We have all reached the point of feeling embarrassed when we talk about the Romanian Government, whether abroad or within the country. It was never a secret that Ms Viorica Dancila is only formally exercising this office, the real Prime Minister being, in fact, Mr Liviu Dragnea,” PNL states, according to a draft of the no-confidence motion.

At the same time, the initiators of the motion also claim that “the judiciary and state institutions have become only political tools for the puppet-Government controlled by Liviu Dragnea. Dancila lacks the courage to oppose the arbitrary decisions of her party boss. Thus, right under the nose of the Prime Minister, the judicial laws are modified solely to become personal protection laws for Dragnea. The Criminal Codes are modified in a manner customised for the leadership of PSD-ALDE! In other words, the ruling power has the agenda of a crime ring.”

“In case a government could be built around the National Liberal Party, this will be PNL’s official nomination,” Orban told Romania TV private television broadcaster on Tuesday evening.

He reiterated that PNL is ready to assume the responsibility of governing, reminding that a governing programme draft is being currently worked upon in the party’s special committees.

“The main objective is to end this government. For Romanians, the Premier is already the target of jokes and mockery. There is no public outing without her making a blunder,” the PNL leader pointed out.

He said the negotiations for the support of the censure motion will be carried out to the very day of the debate and vote on this document.

Orban said that the Liberals rely on USR and PMP’s support for the motion, that they also expect signatures from Pro Romania – the party founded by Victor Ponta –, but that they are negotiating with everyone and the negotiations will continue with each parliamentarian and each group until the day of the vote.

“We are continuing the negotiations with each political group, with each parliamentarian, we are putting this overture – the no-confidence motion – at the disposal of any parliamentary party that cares about Romania, that wants what is good for Romania, in order to put an end to a disastrous Government for Romania, to put an end to the domination of a political leader at odds with the law, anti-European, who despises democracy, who has captured the Romanian state and is ruling it via party orders,” Ludovic Orban stated on Monday in Parliament.

The PNL leader added that, through this no-confidence motion, the parliamentarians are subjected to “a test of conscience” and that means that those who do not support the motion are Dragnea’s flunkeys.

“Any parliamentarian must pass this test of conscience. Any parliamentarian who does not support the no-confidence motion is nothing but Dragnea’s flunkey and in fact accepts Dragnea making a mockery out of Romania and accepts Romania being taken out of its normal development trajectory, of belonging to the EU and NATO. For this reason, I’m convinced that in the mind and conscience of every parliamentarian there must be a serious, lucid analysis in the following period, which would lead to the fall of the Dragnea Government. We are ready for any attempt on Dragnea’s part to attack the President of Romania, standing alongside the President,” Orban added.

The PNL leader did not want to reveal the number of parliamentarians who signed the motion, claiming that this is less relevant, the number of parliamentarians who will vote for it being the relevant one.

Senator Siminica Mirea was among the Liberals who did not sign the motion. Contacted by Mediafax, she stated that the main reason for her decision not to sign the no-confidence motion – which, according to political sources, was signed by 152 Opposition MPs – was the fact that the signatures were demanded before Liberal parliamentarians were able to read the document. On the other hand, she pointed out she is 90 percent sure she will vote for it.

Asked whether she might leave for ALDE or PSD, the PNL Senator said she has no such plans.

“There are indeed problems at the level of county branches. Instead of building, we are kicking people out and no longer replace them. I won’t leave yet, but unless the problems are remedied (…) you cannot force love,” Mirea explained for MEDIAFAX, pointing out that she did not take part in talks or negotiations during this period with ALDE, PSD, UDMR or with Opposition parties such as USR or PMP.

In the last five days, Senators Daniel Zamfir and Marius Nicoara officially announced that they left PNL and joined ALDE, a party led by Calin Popescu Tariceanu.

Mathematically, Opposition parties would have 165 out of the 233 votes needed to adopt the no-confidence motion, even if they are backed by the non-affiliated MPs that have joined Victor Ponta’s Pro Romania Party.

According to the Constitution, the House and Senate, in a joint meeting, can withdraw the confidence conferred upon the Government, by adopting a no-confidence motion with the vote of a majority of House and Senate lawmakers. At present, the total number of parliamentarians stands at 465. The no-confidence motion can be tabled by at least one fourth of the total number of House and Senate lawmakers and is forwarded to the Government on the date it is tabled. The no-confidence motion is debated 3 days after the date on which it was read during the joint meeting of the two Chambers. If the no-confidence motion is rejected, the House and Senate lawmakers who signed it cannot table another no-confidence motion during the same session, except in case the Government takes responsibility before Parliament.

On 23 November 2017, Parliament rejected the no-confidence motion titled “PSDragnea, boon during the campaign, bane at rule,” through which the Liberals demanded the resignation of Premier Mihai Tudose. The motion obtained 159 votes in favour, far below the 233 votes needed.


Liberals have filed their motion during the protest in Parliament: Please, let us submit the motion


The PNL group leader Raluca Turcan (photo) submitted the text of the motion against the Dancila Government during the protests in Parliament. In fact, the protesters asked Raluca Turcan to take all the measures in order to “stop the dictatorship”.

Raluca Turcan: Please, let us submit the potion, ‘cause we can implement by the motion everything you claim

Protester: We let you submit the motion

Turcan: Thanks from the heart

Protester: Don’t mention it. We are waiting for a solution from PMP, USR and PNL. This dictatorship must end. We, the citizens, are doing our job. The civil society and the opposition parties should reach a common denominator, only being united we can prevent Romania from being slaughtered.

Turcan: Three steps: we remove the Dancila Government, Dragnea’s pedestal will collapse, we establish the new Government, a new parliamentary majority to rule better.




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