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September 29, 2022

“Rezist” protesters on the corridors of the Parliament during the joint plenary session . Dancila: It is their right. Neacsu: Neacsu: They should be taken with vans. Tariceanu: Demonstrations of a fascist type. We can’t turn the Plenum into a boxing ring

Several “Rezist” protesters were on the corridor in front of the Parliament’s joint plenary session during the speech of PM Viorica Dancila, crying “Justice, not corruption!”, “Nest of thieves and mobsters”, “Dragnea, don’t forget, this is not your country”. At the same time, in front of the Parliament, in the Izvor Park, protesters also gathered, and “Imnul golanilor” (e.n. – “Hooligans’ Anthem”) from June 1990 could be heard in the speakers.

They came to express their dissatisfaction with the recent amendments of the criminal codes, because they claim that the priorities of the people’s representatives are not health and education, but “how to escape of criminal charges”.

Protesters carried tricolor flags and vuvuzelas and used  a radio station to chant: “PSD, the Red Plague!” (PSD – Social Democratic Party – editor’s note), “DNA, will come to get ya!”, “Resignation!”, “Criminals, criminals!”, “Parliament of thieves and mobsters!”, “United we save Romania!”

They also spread banners on the green space with messages such as: “Referendum,”, “Resignation,” “Court of Corrupts in Romania.”

The protesters also showed messages reading: “Dragnea & Tariceanu, resign from your offices as speakers of Parliament,” “Stop making laws for corrupts,” “Klaus Iohannis to reject laws already voted,” “Corruption trials to have one week term,” “No more convicts in public offices,” “No release before time’s up, unless all damages are paid,” “Enforce people’s decision made at the referendum when it was established to cut number of MPs down to 300,” “Fair distribution of MPs mandates for Romanians in Diaspora.”

The protesters who were on Wednesday in front of the Parliament Palace saw MP Nicolae Bacalbasa while leaving the institution and booed him. They also bullied him, addressing many offenses to him. Nicolae Bacalbasa needed to be protected by gendarmes in order to safely cross the Izvor Park and reach the metro station.

“You can’t run!”, “You communist!”, “Thieves!” are only some of the slogans addressed by protesters to Bacalbasa.


Dragnea and Dancila left the plenary session being protected by the security agents, to prevent protesters from reaching them. “If such people come into your studio, would you continue to make TV shows? “ Neacsu: They should be taken with vans


PSD Chairman Liviu Dragnea and PM Viorica Dancila left the hall where the joint plenary session took place being protected by the security agents, who made a cordon to prevent protesters from reaching them. Dragnea refused to make any statement on Wednesday at the Parliament, being upset about the ambiance on the hallways, where dozens of #rezist protesters succeeded to enter and chant.

“This is how you want to do your job as journalists? If such people come into your studio, would you continue to make TV shows? Make them with those from USR” said Liviu Dragnea, the Deputies’ Chamber Speaker.

The only one who talked with the protesters was the Foreign Minister Teodor Melescanu, who was asked if he is guilty from preventing people to vote in diaspora at the presidential elections of 2014, and he replied: “I am also guilty for the War of Independence”.

Liviu Dragnea refused to answer to the repeated questions of the journalists, who were pushed by the PSD MPs and the security agents. “You did your job, you asked, it’s OK at the TV station” he replied to a journalist.

“In any civilized country, they should take you with the vans” said the PSD Secretary General Marian Neacsu when entering Dragnea’s office.

“Haven’t they taken these guys from here?” Carmen Dan asked when exiting the plenary session hall.

USR parliamentarians were accused of letting protesters enter in the Parliament building, although the internal regulation doesn’t allow this.

Protesters refused to vacate the premises and sat down on the carpet to avoid being evicted by Parliament’s security.


PM Dancila about people who protested in Parliament during her speech: It is their right


Prime Minister Viorica Dancila said on Wednesday, about the people who protested in Parliament as she was delivering there a speech to a plenary session of Parliament on the Romanian presidency of the EU Council that protesting is “their right.’

Asked to comment on the protest of several people in the Parliament’s hallway, Dancila answered, “It is their right.”

She later added: “At such an important moment, that is what they resorted to.”


USR, after the protesters entered through the entrance of the party’s parliamentary group: It’s the expression of freedom


USR MP Ion Stelian stated on Wednesday about the protesters who entered into the Parliament building, who made a previous request to enter directly at the USR group, that they are people who are freely expressing.

“They are free people. It’s an expression of freedom, they are an important voice of society and these people represent many people from the civil society, many dissatisfied people. They are sounding a peaceful alarm signal, they only shouted, that’s all they did. Now, they want to pick them up, they raised their hands, they sat down to prevent them from being forcedly picked up” stated the USR MP Ion Stelian, who is also a member of the specialized committee for the Laws on Justice, where the Criminal Codes are amended.

The protesters from the Parliament’s corridors stated that they represent three NGOs, namely Initiativa Rezist, Rezistenta and Initiativa Civica, all from Bucharest, and they entered the People’s House through the entrance of the USR Parliamentary Group.

“Three groups from Bucharest have been represented here (…) We made a request and it was approved. We went directly to the USR group” stated Mihai Politianu from Initativa Romania.

Asked by a journalist from Romania TV why they are at a different floor than the one where the USR group is, he answered: “I would personally thank to Mr. Ghita if he would be here”.

Another protester said: “Let them know us, all of them accuse us, let them see who we really are. Only the conscience is calling us, what they (e.n. – the PSD representatives) are doing now is despicable”.


Tariceanu : Demonstrations of a fascist type. We can’t turn the Plenum into a boxing ring


Senate Speaker Calin Popescu Tariceanu stated on Wednesday, following ALDE’s Executive Political Bureau meeting, that the protest staged in Parliament was a demonstration of a fascist type and that the Senate regulations will be modified so that Parliament would not turn into a boxing ring.

“These demonstrations are demonstrations of a fascist type. That’s how fascism and totalitarianism started in Europe. The communists behaved the same way after the war, with violence, to take over power. For as long as I am Senate Speaker, I am telling you I am not willing to look away, to pretend I do not see and to tolerate such attitudes,” Senate Speaker Calin Popescu Tariceanu stated.

He added that USR parliamentarians cannot be censured for facilitating the protesters’ access in Parliament, but that he will ask that the Senate Regulations be modified.

“The access of foreign persons cannot be banned in Parliament, nor do we want to. But if these provisions are used to introduce in Parliament people whose behaviour is the one we have seen, we will discuss and take some measures to prevent similar situations in the future. (…) If this is what the USR understands by politics, then we will have to take some measures that would mean some restrictions, not for parliamentary activity but for those who have other preoccupations specific to the street. If they want to import them in Parliament, I am telling you we cannot turn Parliament from a place for debate into one for physical fights, we cannot transform it into a boxing ring,” the Senate Speaker added.

Tariceanu added that Wednesday’s protest in Parliament reminded him of the demonstrations of 28 January 1990.

“I relived, for a few minutes, the day of 28 January 1990, when, at the initiative of the youth organisations of the historical parties – PNL and PNT –, we requested a meeting with the representatives of the newly-installed power, namely of the FSN. We were heading toward the Government. In Victory Square, outside the Government building, there was a counter-protest that the FSN had staged with workers brought in from the IMGB and other plants representative for the socialist economy. The exact same atmosphere of extreme aggressiveness, of intolerance, that I saw back then, I have seen once again today, promoted by the USR and sympathisers, members brought to Parliament. I did not believe we will ever witness, in Parliament… I believe we are a unique case, I have not seen such a thing not even in Ukraine, where they fight during the plenary meeting. The USR wants to break new and new sad records for democracy,” Tariceanu added.

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