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May 22, 2022

Judge section of the CSM: Statements by political leaders affect judicial independence, credibility

The Judge Section of the Supreme Council of Magistrates (CSM) has said that recent statements by political leaders are likely to affect the independence and credibility of the judiciary.

“Considering that the statements may be likely to affect the independence and credibility of the judiciary, the Judge Section believes that publicly made allegations conjuring up the image of a judiciary that is not independent and of judges acting discretionarily on political orders, by violating the legal framework and civil liberties of the citizens, a conduct considered abusive when interpreting the decisions of the constitutional court or the way of adopting a criminal decision represent serious allegations against justice in Romania,” according to a press statement released by the CSM on Friday.

The judge representatives urges the public to a balanced and reasonable approach.

“While observing the citizens’ right to their own opinions, given the procedural stage of the media covered cause and without prejudice to the freedom of expression of any person or the media, the Judge Section is urging representatives of state bodies, political formations, the press and civil society, to a balanced and reasonable approach to public debate as a sign of embracing a democratic position and balance between the state powers in accordance with the principle of the separation of state powers, firm and loyal co-operation among bodies, judicial independence and effectively respecting the limits of the right to free speech.”

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