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September 29, 2022

PSD’s leading body decides to continue support national party leader after his conviction. SocDem national leader states he will remain at helm of PSD and Deputies’ Chamber:  I’m not afraid of Iohannis or Hellvig

The National Executive Committee (CExN) of the Social Democratic Party (PSD) decided on Friday’s meeting to continue support for the party’s national leader Liviu Dragnea in all the political positions he is holding: national leader and speaker of the Chamber of Deputies.

“The PSD’s CExN decided to support the PSD chairman, Liviu Dragnea, in all his political positions, in the leadership of the party and in the leadership of the Chamber of Deputies of Romania’s Parliament,” reads an official document adopted at the end of a meeting that lasted for four hours in Dragnea’s office at the Chamber of Deputies.

The PSD leadership also decided to support the government led by Prime Minister Viorica Dancila to continue and accelerate the implementation of measures in the governance programme and to take “all legal and constitutional steps” to finalise and accelerate procedures for adopting amendments to the justice legislation and criminal codes to bring them in line with the decisions of the Constitutional Court, the European Court of Human Rights, European directives and in line with the standards in this area of the Venice Commission.

A forceful use all legal and parliamentary mechanisms and procedures for denouncing the abuses of justice based on unlawful secret protocols; a determined use of all legal channels to strengthen the authority of the Constitutional Court, so that the final and binding ruling of this court will be observed and enforced by all the authorities of the Romanian state are other decisions taken by the CExN, according to the official document.

CExN’s arguments include the fact that Dragnea is the political guarantor of the governing programme being fully implemented and the main stability factor of the government and the parliamentary majority, as well as respect for the presumption of innocence and the provisions in this area from the relevant European directives, the ECHR and the Constitutional Court rulings, all of which state this principle as one of the fundamental values of democracy and the rule of law.

Several leaders of the Social Democratic Party (PSD) gathered on Friday, prior to the meeting of the Executive Committee of the party, in the office of Speaker of the Deputies’ Chamber Liviu Dragnea.

Among them, there were: Viorica Dancila, Rovana Plumb, Mihai Fifor, Gabriela Firea, Marian Oprisan, Claudiu Manda, Paul Stanescu, Nicolae Badalau.

The meeting took  place before the PSD’s National Executive Committee (CExN) meeting, that was convened after the court sentence in Liviu Dragnea’s case.


Dragnea about his conviction: We witnessed a mass execution


Liviu Dragnea on Friday labeled his conviction in the “DGASPC Teleorman” case as “a mass execution.”

“Yesterday, we witnessed a mass execution. Nine people had to be convicted in order to justify my conviction,” stated Dragnea, after the meeting of the National Executive Committee (CExN) of the PSD.


PSD’s Dragnea apologizes for delaying Criminal Code drafting; deep state to be crushed


Chairman of the Social Democratic Party (PSD) Liviu Dragnea stated on Friday that he apologizes to “the thousands of Romanians who are in jail or who are dragged to court” due to an unconstitutional article because the drafting of the Criminal Code was delayed a lot, mentioning that the way it was carried out so far in Parliament has proved to be wrong.

According to him, the rally organised by the PSD in the Victoria Square “increased the pressure on the panel of judges,” who convicted him to 3 years and 6 months in prison, and promised “the crushing of the deep state.”

“I have told them [the members of the PSD’s National Executive Committee – CExN] that I have no hesitation, I have stated in front of the Congress and I have stated it in front of hundreds of thousands of people at the rally -, that I intend to go all the way, I knew when I organised the rally that the manifestation will increase the pressure on the panel of judges, because that rally scarred them very much. I realised that that rally would contribute to my conviction. (…) I told them that my objectives remain the same – the governing programme implemented – and it will be – and the parallel state, as we call it, crushed – and it will be crushed,” Dragnea stated at the end of the PSD’s CExN meeting, that took place in his office at the Chamber of Deputies.

Dragnea stressed that in Parliament the procedures are not observed anymore and that any initiative of the coalition is criticised in order not to be implemented.

“I apologize to those who watch us and to the thousand of Romanians who lie in jail on an unconstitutional article, others are dragged to court based on the same article and others are dragged by the DNA [the National Anticorruption Directorate] and there are are still other thousands or tens of thousands who do not even know that they have cases. I am sorry for delaying so much the drafting of the Criminal Code. Probably they will not forgive me. The manner that we wanted, to have a correct procedural approach in Parliament, has proven to be wrong, because we can no longer speak of Parliament normally adopting procedures – debates, adoption and promulgation. Any law, whether we are talking about the Sovereign Development Fund, whether we are talking about laws with a positive or social economic influence, the laws of Justice, they all are under attack, they are all resent, just-just they don’t get enforced. Just until they overthrow the Government and manage to destroy the PSD and the parliamentary majority,” Dragnea also stated.


SocDem national leader states he will remain at helm of PSD and Deputies’ Chamber:  I’m not afraid of Iohannis or Hellvig


SocDem national leader stated that he will remain at the helm of the PSD and the Deputies’ Chamber, mentioning that he is not afraid of Klaus Iohannis or Eduard Hellvig.

“My decision is very firm: I remain at the helm of the PSD in order to put an end to all these things (…) The censure motion won’t pass, but we have decided to be more firm and radical in everything that we need to do. I am not afraid of Iohannis, nor Hellvig,” Dragnea stated after the PSD’s National Executive Committee (CExN) meeting.


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