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September 27, 2022

Former PM Ciolos: Snap elections, only way to re-legitimize political class

Former Prime Minister Dacian Ciolos says snap elections “are the only way to re-legitimize the political class,” adding that Dancila Government must go away because “it is incompetent and a disgrace for Romanian professionals.”

“I very much wanted to believe that things will calm down. That the manipulation, the lie and the aggressiveness will cease. That we will go back to normality and decency. I was wrong. We have Dragnea [Social Democratic Party, PSD, leader, ed.n.]’s parties, Dragnea’s televisions and Dragnea’s government. We risk becoming Dragnea’s country. The Romania of Iordache [Chair of the Special Parliamentary Committee for the Justice laws package, ed.n.]’s laws, of Nicolicea [PSD lawmaker, ed.n.] and Serban Nicolae [Senate PSD leader, ed.n.]’s Justice and of Ms. Dancila’s government is an illiterate Romania which lately seems to be ruled in a mafioso style. The Romania of the many and the honest, who are expecting a country ruled for the greater good, and not just that of the PSD leader, the 73 convicts and those who fear the law. We will take the streets. We must prevent the adoption of any new legislation which affects the rule of law and the constitutional order. Let us convince Parliament it is there for Romania and not for Dragnea,” former premier wrote on Sunday on his Facebook page.

He maintains the current government must leave and the political class be reformed.

“Dancila’s Government must go away. Not only because it is incompetent and a disgrace to Romanian professionals, but because it is built around the interest of a person who is a proven criminal and not for Romania. Snap elections are the only way to re-legitimize the political class. It is the chance to begin the reformation of the political class and the chance to bring back to the forefront Romania’s interests and not those of the corrupt,” Ciolos concludes.

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