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September 27, 2022

PMP’s Tomac: PSD, used to changing Gov’t every six months; Dragnea, better support censure motion

People Movement’s Party (PMP) leader Eugen Tomac maintains that social-democratic leader Liviu Dragnea must do “three things” – uphold the censure motion, resign from the position of Speaker of the Deputies Chamber and eliminate from the Social Democratic Party (PSD)’s agenda the suspension of President Iohannis, highlighting that this is the only way to get out of “the dead end he himself has walked into.”

“For almost a year and a half, the entire country has been held captive because Mr. Liviu has his own very clear agenda and intends to smash everything to smithereens, maybe maybe he gets away. The fact that PSD has gone downhill is no longer a surprise to anyone, no matter how much they inflate surveys and a choir of mourners with Dancila [Romania’s Prime Minister, ed.n.] at their helm cry on television how poor them cannot govern because of the parallel state. The truth is only one and no one can distort it any longer. Mr.Liviu must understand that for him, the finish line is not “20 20″ but much sooner,” Tomac wrote on Sunday on his Facebook page.

He affirms that the social-democratic leader can however get out “of this dead-end where he entered by his own will.”

“For that he must do the following: 1. Resign from the position of Speaker of the Chamber of Deputies (he can nominate somebody else, just as he has done every time, Dancila style); 2. Uphold the censure motion, because those in PSD are accustomed with changing their government every six months. Dancila’s departure from Victoria Palace lowers the pressure on Mr. Liviu and that implicitly increases his chances of still ruling PSD, maybe even the end of the trial; 3. Eliminate form PSD’s agenda the suspension of President Iohannis. This threat only dichotomizes for good the society and the referendum will bring him back to Cotroceni with a 75 percent support. If this primitive and diabolic game would not affect Romania long-term, we might let Dragnea sink into the cesspool he created. But because all this assault affects us all, we have the duty to fight back and stop this little Erdogan.”

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