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November 29, 2022

Gabriel Oprea: After a troubled period, I am officially announcing UNPR’s return into the political life

The founding Chairman of the National Union for the Progress of Romania (UNPR), Gabriel Oprea, announced on Sunday the return of the Union into the political life, stating that after a troubled period through which the party went at the beginning of the year 2016, and after a number of unfortunate events, the party is ready to come back “into the top politics”.

“I am officially announcing the return of the National Union for the Progress of Romania into the political life. After a troubled period through which the party went at the beginning of the year 2016, after a number of unfortunate events that caused an unfavorable context for UNPR, today we can say with confidence that we are ready to come back into the top politics, where we see we are useful. It’s obvious that Romania needs something else. UNPR can provide what it promised since it was founded – defending Romania’s interest abroad and the social, political and economic balance inside the country” Gabriel Oprea stated.

He added that two years ago, UNPR had to face a “very difficult” moment.

“I personally had to cope with a very difficult situation that made me decide to take a step sideways. I resigned as Chairman in order to give the party one more chance in an electoral year. I appreciated that this is fair for the party I founded” Oprea also said.

Regarding the cases in which he is involved, he said he is innocent and he trust that Justice will be fair and it will restore the unquestionable truth.

Oprea also made a call to the former UNPR members to return to the party.

“We weren’t perfect, but we are willing to repair the mistakes of the past and we have the desire, the power and the determination to build. Obstacles occurred, but we will overcome them. (…) In the summer of 2015, people’s trust on me was of 32%, while in UNPR was more than 10%, and we had over 500,000 party members. Since we are back, tens of thousands of former colleagues returned to the party. We are waiting for all of them to join us again. We brought balance in the relations between the state institutions, we supported the President of the country in the national security projects, regardless of his name or of the name of the party he was coming from, and we activated with our full involvement and seriousness in a good Government, I thing, namely the Ponta Government. Today, we can see how the relationships between the palaces look like, how deteriorated the relations between the main state institutions are, and we see the consequences of the lack of balance” Gabriel Oprea added.

He also mentioned what are the party’s goals for the coming period: “Our political goals for the coming period are: to be represented in the European Parliament, to have a word to say at the presidential election, where I assure you we will support the best candidate for Romania, and to enter into the Romanian Parliament”.

Gabriel Oprea made these statements after the meeting of the UNPR National Executive Committee.

During the meeting, a few hundreds of people wearing red t-shirts inscribed with the party’s logo, on which it was written “The National Interest”, chanted “UNPR” and “Romania”, waving tricolor flags and flags with the party’s logo.

Gabriel Oprea, who was a former Vice PM and Minister of Interior, is judged in two cases, one of them for manslaughter, related to the death of police officer Bogdan Gigina, and the other one related to unjustified expenses of DIPI.

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