George Scutaru and Dan Motreanu, acquitted by ICCJ in the case in which they were judged for money laundering; the decision is not final. Orban: PNL is a moral party

Former Chairman of PNL Buzau and presidential counselor George Scutaru, and former PNL MP Dan Motreanu have been acquitted in the case in which they were judged for money laundering, being accused of receiving EUR 170,000, respectively EUR 250,000 for the financing of electoral campaigns of 2008 of the PNL candidates to the local and parliamentary elections of that year. The third person in this case, Ana Maria Schaer, who was the managing director of a trade company, was also acquitted by a decision issued on Monday by the Supreme Court.

The decision was issued by the magistrates of the High Court of Cassation and Justice and is not final.

“(…) it acquits the defendant Scutaru George-Adrian (…) for committing the money laundering offense. (…) it acquits the defendant Motreanu Dan-Stefan (…) for committing the money laundering offense. (…) it acquits the defendant Schaer Ana – Maria (…) for committing the money laundering offense (…). It removes the precautionary measures established by the ordinance no.114/P/2015 as of 25.09.2015, issued by the Prosecutor’s Office attached to the High Court of Cassation and Justice – National Anticorruption Directorate – The Department for Combating Offenses Assimilated to the Corruption Offenses, on the movable and immovable assets owned by the defendants Scutaru George Adrian, Motreanu Dan Stefan and Schaer Ana Maria” reads the ICCJ minute.

In September 2015, the anticorruption prosecutors sent to judgement the former presidential counselor on national security issues, George Adrian Scutaru, and former PNL MP Dan Motreanu, for money laundering. The managing director of a trade company, Ana Maria Schaer, was judged for the same offense.


Orban: PNL is a moral party


Referring to the acquittal of the Liberal Dan Motreanu and of the former presidential counselor George Scutaru by the Supreme Court, PNL Chairman Ludovic Orban stated that the two persons resigned from their positions when the criminal prosecution was started, and that PNL is a moral party.

“Dan Motreanu, George Scutaru, Vasile Blaga or myself, when the criminal prosecution started, resigned from the leading positions we had, and we didn’t apply for another position anymore. Think about the fact that neither me, nor Dan Motreanu or Vasile Blaga, while George Scutaru resigned from an extremely important position in the Presidential apparatus, from the position of a presidential counselor on defense issues. I want people to take this into account and understand that PNL is a moral party, a party that respects the integrity in a public position and who acted consistently in this direction. I am glad that the court has decided that my colleagues are not guilty. Besides, I had this belief about my colleagues”, PNL Chairman Ludovic Orban stated at the end of the meeting of the party’s Executive Bureau, held at the Parliament.

Asked if these acquittals could indicate that there is a crack inside the judiciary, Orban answered: “Prosecutors must investigate the cases by a professional manner, based on the law, relying on evidence, serious clues that can resist, and with which they can convince the court. The decision on somebody’s innocence or guilt, against a person who is subject to a criminal investigation, is taken by the court”.

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