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April 22, 2021

Marian Vanghelie: On June 19, ICCJ judges discussed Liviu Dragnea’s case in Florian Coldea’s house

Marian Vanghelie stated on Sunday that several High Court of Cassation and Justice (ICCJ) judges met, on June 19, at the house of former Romanian Intelligence Service (SRI) First Deputy Director Florian Coldea, to discuss some cases, including PSD leader Liviu Dragnea’s case.

“You know where Mr Coldea’s house is located? Near T14. (…) On June 19, several High Court judges were present at Mr Coldea’s house. I expect him to sue me, because I’m saying very many things and nobody is suing me. I understand that Mr Bulancea (DNA prosecutor – editor’s note) is active lately, wants to make a name for himself, believing that he will be Ms Kovesi’s new successor. And he is phoning, he is driven mad, he is phoning all sorts of judges he has leverage on and is telling them that it would be good to try me faster in my dossiers, to close the dossiers and convict me. I’m being informed that it isn’t solely about my dossier, because if it was solely about my dossier nobody would’ve been interested anymore. They are still very interested in very many dossiers. Like Mr Dragnea’s dossier, and there are other dossiers that will arrive at the right moment,” Marian Vanghelie stated for Antena3.

The former mayor said that Liviu Dragnea’s dossier was among those discussed in Florian Coldea’s house on June 19.

“From what I understand, several dossiers were discussed, including Mr Dragnea’s dossier, based on my information,” Marian Vanghelie added.


Vanghelie after Dragnea’s statements: If he wants, I’ll say when Coldea and Kovesi were at his house


Marian Vanghelie stated that National Anticorruption Directorate (DNA) Chief Prosecutor Laura Codruta Kovesi and former SRI Deputy Director Florian Coldea were at Liviu Dragnea’s house. Vanghelie made the statement after the PSD leader said he is not afraid of certain public persons.

“Mr Dragnea’s announcement is so belated and so weak, that I haven’t understood anything. (…) If he wants, I’ll say the exact dates on which Mr Coldea and Ms Kovesi were at his house, at Mr Dragnea’s. I have a lot of proof. You can ask me. It’s not idle talk. They were there, at Dragnea’s house, both alone and together. (…) Today he is trying to tell us he is not afraid, but with a cat’s voice. But why didn’t he say something about Mr Coldea and Ms Kovesi? Why is he mentioning only the politicians? Why doesn’t he say: I’m not afraid of Kovesi, of Coldea? Because he negotiated with them and he is ashamed of his shame. It’s embarrassing to come up, after two or three years, and say you want fast decisions. (…) Tell the truth: are you afraid of Coldea when he meets Dancu on your behalf?” Marian Vanghelie stated for Antena3.



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