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May 22, 2022

Opposition’s censure motion to be presented in Parliament

The censure motion against the Executive called “Dismissal of the Dancila-Dragnea Government, a national emergency!” initiated by the National Liberal Party (PNL) will be read on Monday in Parliament’s plenary session.

National Liberal Party (PNL), Save Romania Union (USR) and People’s Movement Party (PMP) tabled last week in Parliament a censure motion against the Executive called “Dismissal of the Dancila-Dragnea Government, a national emergency!” The document was signed by 152 parliamentarians.

The two Chambers’ permanent bureaus decided the censure motion be presented on Monday in Parliament and be debated and voted on Wednesday.

The signatories of the censure motion demand the dismissal of premier Viorica Dancila, maintaining that she “does not have the courage and power to oppose the arbitrary decisions of the party’s leader , Liviu Dragnea.

“Ms. Viorica Dancila must be dismissed, as she does not have the courage nor the power to oppose the arbitrary decisions of her party leader. Thus, right under the prime minister’s eyes, the justice laws are being mutilated, for obscure political reasons. The criminal codes are being amended with a dedication! (…) Dancila’s Government is carrying out the party’s policy depending on the needs of the party’s leader, not on people’s needs! Almost two years have passed since taking over government and PSD-ALDE [Alliance of Liberals and Democrats, minor at rule, ed.n.] hasn’t done anything good for Romanians. But in exchange you do something good for yourselves every day. You work every day for strictly personal desiderata which go against the Romanians’ expectations!” reads the censure motion.

The representatives of the Opposition claim that Dancila’s Government is more incompetent than the first two PSD-ALDE governments.

“No matter how badly she might govern, Ms. Dancila seems to be staying with the Gov’t for as long as she keeps her only quality, that of being “non-confrontational” with her party leader. We are here today to debate a censure motion against the third Gov’t guaranteed by Mr. Dragnea, because Dancila’s Government threatens, through its ministers, the private property of 7 million contributors to Pension Pillar II. There is no guarantee that Dancila’s Government will not leave the current employees without their pension money! We have come to be ashamed when we talk about Romania’s Government, either abroad or inside the country. Not for a moment was there a secret that Ms. Viorica Dancila is only formally fulfilling this position, the true prime minister, being in fact Mr. Liviu Dragnea. From the beginning of the year, when you invested in the position of prime minister, all you have managed has been to sink the country’s economy even further, to generate panic and mistrust among foreign investors, to chase them away from the country those that were already here and to deepen even further the negative economic developments,” the signatories of the censure motion also show.

Moreover, they say the Gov’t has failed in handling the demarches for the fulfillment of the reference objectives within the the Co-operation and Verification Mechanism.

“The most important problems of the legal system have remained unsolved! In exchange, the governing act was hijacked at the expense of the Romanian citizens’ interests. You can no longer deny the fact that your preoccupations in justice have pursued hidden plans, so as to ensure the protection of certain political leaders in the face of the law’s rigours. You have warded off the act of justice from the constitutional principles regarding the citizens’ equality before the law and you try as hard as you can to create a caste of citizens above the law,” the signatories of the document add.

“Cast a favorable vote to this motion and you will give Romania the chance to have a responsible, efficient, competent government, exclusively interested in people’s problems and not just subjected to one individual’s personal interests We have the conviction that in the PSD_ALDE majority there are still responsible parliamentarians who have had enough of being ashamed when they are asked about Dancila’s Government. We are expecting a gesture of responsibility on the part of each Parliament member who has solemnly sworn to fulfill with honour and faithfulness the mandate entrusted by the people!,” the initiators further say.

For the censure motion to pass, 233 favourable votes are necessary.

PSD and ALDE have together as many as 248 MPs while the number of PNL, USR and PMP deputies and senators is 155.

The Hungarian Democratic Union of Romania (UDMR) has 30 deputies and senators.

In the Legislative Chambers there are 17 more deputies belonging to national minorities other than the Hungarian one and 15 MPs unaffiliated.

PSD leader Liviu Dragnea stated on Friday after the meeting of the National Executive Committee that decided his support in all political positions held, that the censure motion will not pass.

On the other hand, PNL leader Ludovic Orban announced having discussions with UDMR Chair Kelemen Hunor about support for the censure motion adding that the Union’s MPs are going to decide their stance with respect to this demarches.

On the other hand, USR announced they are in constant dialogue with the opposition parties, including UDMR, so as to obtain the votes of as many MPs as possible necessary for the censure motion to pass.

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