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October 4, 2022

Orban: PNL, open to negotiations with all civilised political forces, after Gov’t fall

National Liberal Party (PNL) leader Ludovic Orban announced on Monday after the sitting of PNL’s Executive Bureau that negotiations with various parliamentary groups, aimed at upholding the censure motion, are carried out until the moment of the vote, but also in case the Gov’t falls, the political formation is open to discussions with all civilised political forces.

“PNL is open, after the fall of the Gov’t, to negotiations with all civilised, decent political forces who want what’s best for Romania, so as to shape a beneficial solution for Romania that reestablishes Romania on its natural Euro-Atlantic path , on a democratic path, that respects the values and fundamental values at the basis of the EU functioning, on a path that allows each Romanian citizen the chance to a better life. Until then, all our energy is focused on the objective of determining as many MP in the government majority area as possible to pass this conscience exam they will be subject to and vote the censure motion, because in my opinion, the majority’s MPs on Wednesday will either have the opportunity to be on the list of national shame, in case they do not vote for the censure motion and will remain Dragnea’s regime accomplices, either they will have the chance to get onto the honour roll, in the citizens’ memory, doing a good thing for Romania and putting a stop to this absolute evil that is today Dragnea’s regime for Romania,” PNL leader said.

He also announced that no Liberal MP will be absent from the vote of the censure motion.

“Negotiations are further carried out, until the moment of the vote, both at individual level and at the level of certain parliamentary groups that might join us in upholding the censure motion,” he mentioned.

Orban also urged PNL’s members and supporters to be present alongside citizens in the street manifestations,” PNL leader said.

He added that PNL’s MPs will vote with an open ballot, during the sitting regarding the censure motion.

“The upcoming days will be decisive for Romania. On Wednesday, it will be clear who puts Romania first and who prefers to remain Dragnea’s accomplice and the supporter of a toxic regime for Romania. (…) PNL’s main objective is Dancila’s Government fall, for the dismantling of an autocratic regime, which brings enormous harm to Romania, which risks removing Romania from the map of civilised countries, remove Romania from the Euro-Atlantic map,” he further specified.

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