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May 23, 2022

PSD MEP threatened in the street: ‘You’re trash. Aren’t you ashamed of yourself?’ Razvan Popa files complaint

PSD MEP Razvan Popa has been assaulted by several protesters. The incident took place in Brasov, after a PSD meeting. Calin Popescu Tariceanu and PSD MP Nicolae Bacalbasa have received similar treatment in recent days.

“Here he is, here he is, the lover of thieves… you piece of trash. Look at his cool car. Did you pay for that car? You’re trash. Aren’t you ashamed of yourself? You still have the courage to stand before us,” an angry man shouted.

“If they issue the ordinance I’ll come looking for you at your house,” another man threatened the MEP.

The incident took place in Brasov, after a PSD meeting. Razvan Popa has stated he has filed a complaint with the police against those who threatened him and swore at him.

“What is happening is outrageous. We are living in the rule of law and each citizen, regardless of their name, must feel safe, at home or on the street. Both he and his family. Today I was slandered, followed and threatened that they will come looking for me at home, a direct threat levelled by an USR protester who disagrees with my political option. Over what? Over a political option! This no longer has any connection with democracy and freedom of expression. Everything has a limit… and these extremist practices cannot be accepted. Today it happened to me, tomorrow it can happen – and maybe even worse – to anyone with whom these individuals disagree. Democracy means voting and observing the laws,” the MEP told stiripesurse.ro.

Ex-minister Marius Dunca, who was treated the same, said that the aggressors will have to answer for their actions.

“I accept freedom of expression, but everything has a limit! Threats against the family and against life are intolerable! The laws are the same for all, and those who do not know how to express themselves democratically must bear the consequences!” Marius Dunca wrote on Facebook.

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