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Reactions to Iohannis’s announcement of bid for new term in office

Deputy Premier Paul Stanescu: I don’t believe he will win a new term


Asked on Saturday, in Slatina, for his opinion on President Klaus Iohannis’s announcement, PSD Vice President Paul Stanescu said he does not believe Klaus Iohannis will win a new term in office. Regarding his impeachment, he said the PSD is yet to take a decision.

“Each citizen of this country is free to do anything, but what is unbelievable is that he is the first President who does not observe the Constitutional Court’s decision. We can all run for office, it depends who wins the elections and, being the number one role model in this country, it is very complicated. If he keeps going at this rhythm, I don’t know if President Iohannis could win another term in office, [if] the people would elect him again. We had the Basescu era and we see nothing has changed, on the contrary, the Klaus Iohannis era is already worse, things are not going well at all.”

The Deputy Premier added that “it is unbelievable for a President not to observe a Constitutional Court decision.”

Asked whether the PSD will impeach Klaus Iohannis, Paul Stanescu said that the Social Democrats are yet to take a decision and will see what the President is doing, “maybe he reads some more.”


Turcan: PNL will be by President Iohannis’s side in the frontlines of the battle for a European Romania


“The announcement of the candidacy for a new term in office shows President Klaus Iohannis’s determination and firm commitment to fight for a European Romania. Unfortunately, precisely during the Centennial year, Romanian democracy is being gravely jeopardised by a government that is destroying laws and institutions to serve the interests of criminals. The National Liberal Party will be by President Iohannis’s side in the frontlines of the battle for a European Romania. Romania cannot be confiscated by criminals who feel the need to apologise to convicts,” PNL Vice President Raluca Turcan wrote on Facebook.


Buzatu: It foretells a new disaster for Romania


PSD Vaslui President Dumitru Buzatu told the MEDIAFAX correspondent on Saturday that there is only one cure against Klaus Iohannis’s candidacy, namely the attitude of the Romanian citizens.

“This intention foretells a new disaster for Romania, if we think about the underground support that President Iohannis has. In certain conditions he might even succeed, but a man who disregards constitutional rights ending up, once again, in the office of President of Romania, wouldn’t that be a disaster for this country? There is only one cure against this candidacy, namely the attitude of the Romanian citizens. The realisation that he is a danger, that he has an attitude that is at least partially totalitarian, that there is no link between the fundamental values of the people and the values he supports,” Buzatu said.

Asked whether Iohannis has a chance to win a new term in office, the leader of PSD Vaslui said he hopes people would wake up and this would lead to him losing any chance.


Barna: The message is that he will stay and fight against what the PSD is doing


Asked by journalists, during a press conference at USR Timis, for his comment on President Klaus Iohannis’s announcement that he is determined to run for a new term in office, Save Romania Union (USR) President Dan Barna said this is a decision “we were all anticipating.”

“It is a decision that we were all anticipating. The President decided to announce it precisely during this period of conflict in order to issue, without a doubt, a message that he remains by our side. There was that idea that he would leave for Brussels or withdraw and, during this period when the solidarity and resistance of the decent and normal society is needed, the President’s message comes to strengthen this message, that he too will stay and fight alongside the normal Romania against what the PSD and Liviu Dragnea are doing today,” Dan Barna said.


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