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September 26, 2022

Reactions to Liviu Dragnea’s conviction

Iohannis: After second conviction, Dragnea should purely disappear from Romania’s public life


Social Democrat Party (PSD) leader Liviu Dragnea, “after the second conviction, should purely disappear from Romania’s public life,” President Klaus Iohannis said in Sibiu on Saturday.

“I have voiced my opinion much too many times about these matters to expect Dragnea to take into account what I am conveying to him via media. I still believe he should withdraw from politics for good. Therefore, Dragnea, after his second conviction, should purely disappear from Romania’s public life. This is what would happen in absolutely any country in the world, even in one with an incipient democracy. The fact that this doesn’t happen here entails two aspects – that Dragnea won’t withdraw, he won’t withdraw. This is how he thinks. However, the part which I find even more serious is that the PSD doesn’t realize that they must send Dragnea home, that, in fact, we are now in a completely inappropriate and misfortunate stage when an entire party and the biggest party in Romania is turning into a pressure group or a lobby group for an offender,” Iohannis said.


Tomac: Dragnea must understand that for him the finish line is not in 2020 but much closer; 3 steps he should take: resign from helm of Lower House, support the no-confidence motion, and drop plan to impeach President


Popular Movement Party (PMP) President Eugen Tomac states that Romania has been “kept in captivity” for one year and a half because Liviu Dragnea has his own agenda and “intends to destroy everything so that maybe he would get away.” Tomac states that the PSD leader should understand that for him the finish line is not in 2020 but much closer, and offers him a three-step solution: resigning from the helm of the Lower House, supporting the no-confidence motion for the replacement of the Dancila Government, and dropping the plan to impeach the President.

On Sunday, the PMP leader posted on Facebook a message titled “Three steps that Liviu Dragnea must take.”

“For almost one year and a half, the whole country has been kept in captivity because Mr Liviu has a very clear personal agenda and intends to destroy everything so that maybe he would get away. The fact that the PSD is on a downturn is no longer a surprise for anybody, no matter how much the polls inflate [it] and the choir of wailers, headed by Dancila, cry on television that the poor things cannot govern because of the deep state. The truth is one and nobody can deform it anymore. Mr Liviu must understand that, for him, the finish line is not in 2020 but much closer,” Tomac wrote.

Tomac states that the PSD leader could “come out of this dead-end in which he entered on his own, willingly and unforced by anyone,” but he must follow three steps.

“1. He should resign from the office of House Speaker (he can appoint someone else, just like he always did, based on the Dancila model). 2. He should support the no-confidence motion, because the PSD is already accustomed to replacing their Government every 6 months. Dancila’s departure from the Victoria Palace lowers pressure on Mr Liviu and implicitly boosts his chances to remain at the helm of PSD, maybe even until the trial ends. 3. He should eliminate the impeachment of President Iohannis from PSD’s agenda. This threat only serves to clarify things for good in society, and the referendum will bring him back in office with an endorsement percentage in excess of 75 percent,” Tomac claims.

The PMP President claims that “if this whole primitive and diabolical game wasn’t affecting Romania in the long term,” Liviu Dragnea could be left “to sink on his own in the morass created.”

“But because this whole assault affects us all, we have the obligation to fight and stop this little Erdogan,” Tomac added.


Ciolos: We risk becoming Dragnea’s country. We must prevent the adoption of any new legislation that affects the rule of law and the constitutional order. Snap elections – the only solution


Ex-Premier Dacian Ciolos announced his presence at Sunday’s protests, stating that “we risk becoming Dragnea’s country.” “We must prevent the adoption of any new legislation that affects the rule of law and the constitutional order,” Ciolos said, pointing out that the Dancila Government must leave. Moreover, Ciolos considers that snap elections are the only solution to re-legitimise the political class.

“I very badly wanted to believe things would calm down. That the manipulation, lying and aggressiveness would cease. That we would return to normality and decency. I was wrong. We have Dragnea’s political parties, Dragnea’s television stations and Dragnea’s Government. We risk becoming Dragnea’s country. The Romania of Iordache’s laws, Nicolicea and Serban Nicolae’s judicial system and Ms Dancila’s Government is an illiberal Romania which lately seems led in a Mafia style. Romania belongs to the many and the honest, who are expecting a country led for the benefit of all, not just for the benefit of the PSD boss, of the 73 convicts and of those who fear the law,” Ciolos wrote on Facebook on Sunday.

He announced his presence at Sunday’s protests.

“We will be in the street. We must prevent the adoption of any new legislation that affects the rule of law and the constitutional order. Let’s convince Parliament that it is there for Romania, not for Dragnea. The Dancila Government must leave. Not only because it is incompetent and a shame for Romanian professionals, but because it is built for the interests of a proven criminal and not for Romania,” Ciolos added, stating that “snap elections are the only way to re-legitimise the political class.”

Likewise, the Romania Together Movement (RO+) has issued a communique titled “Now we must choose: Dragnea’s country or a just Romania?”

“PSD President Liviu Dragnea and those forming a shield around him want to convince us to no longer observe the laws, to no longer respect the judiciary, to mock the rule of law. However, they want a captive state that they would lead without being held accountable by anyone. A state that they would continue to drain of values, morality, wealth, like they have been doing for decades. Now we must say, clearly and firmly, whether we want such a state. We can only do this by protesting in the street, peacefully, together, as many as possible. We must show them that Romania does not belong to the few who are dodging the law and are afraid to take responsibility for what they did. Romania does not belong to criminals, but to the many and the honest, to those who want a prosperous country in which the law rules, a country in which they would feel secure, at home, free and dignified,” the document reads.


Barna: Dragnea is trying to fool the entire nation pretending he is a victim, although he stole “the money of the children in Teleorman”


The Save Romania Union (USR) Chairman, Dan Barna, stated on Saturday at Timisoara that Liviu Dragnea is trying “to fool the entire nation” pretending to be a victim after he was sentenced, although he stole “the money of the children in Teleorman”.

USR Chairman Dan Barna stated that the Friday’s statement made by Liviu Dragnea has “an unprecedented cynicism” and compared the PSD Chairman with Nicolae Ceausescu.

“What is now happening in Romania can undoubtedly compared with what happened in 1989, and to some extent, with what happened in 1948. Liviu Dragnea’s statement of yesterday has an unprecedented cynicism, he just announced that he is planning to rule Romania by decrees, exactly as Ceausescu did, he is planning to eliminate the abuse of office from the legislation in order to decriminalize himself and all his henchmen supporting him in this position. PSD’s positioning as a block around Liviu Dragnea, in order to remove the democracy from Romania, announcing us that the parliamentary game and the parliamentary democracy, as it is regulated in the Romanian state, has become embarrassing for Liviu Dragnea, and he wants to be firm in destroying the rule of law, which must lead to a very firm reaction of the society. Besides, USR will use each day until the Wednesday’s censure motion in order to protest in the Romanian Parliament, and will also urging the citizens to come out in the street every day, from today to Wednesday, and to vehemently protest against the idea that Romania can become a republic of criminals” Dan Barna stated, according to Mediafax.

The USR Chairman contradicted Liviu Dragnea, who apologized on Friday to “thousands of Romanians” who are sentenced for abuse of office, mentioning that there are actually only 73 people imprisoned, and “none of them stole children’s money”.

“I saw Liviu Dragnea apologizing to the people who are imprisoned for abuse of office and saying that there are thousands of people. There are 73 people sentenced for abuse of office who are imprisoned. There are 73 people, and none of them stole children’s money like Mr. Dragnea did, and as it was found by the Romanian court. Must Romania be sacrificed these days for these people and particularly for Liviu Dragnea, and thus PSD turn into the new Communist Party? We will not accept this. Actually, PSD has breached the red line, we are turning to Russia, we are running to Russia, we are running from Europe because this is what Liviu Dragnea, a double sentenced person, wants” Dan Barna said.

The USR leader also said that Liviu Dragnea is pretending to be a victim, while he should actually apologize to the children in Teleorman for “stealing their money”.

“Now, Liviu Dragnea is trying to fool an entire nation pretending he is a victim, although he stole the money of the children in Teleorman, to which he actually apologize, in order to pay the staff of his party, to pay the stuff that served him? This is unacceptable” stated the USR Chairman.

On Saturday, from Timisoara, Dan Barna also sent a message to the PSD members from all over the country. He asked them to make those persons who have legal problems “accountable”.

“I would like to send a message to the PSD members from the country: the fact that the barons who have a skeleton in their closet support their leaders, the fact that they support Liviu Dragnea, obliges the PSD members to make them accountable, asking them to change their conduct. The fact that a clique, a few people, have legal problems, being aware that they have to be liable for stealing public money and for the horrors and aberrations they did to this country, obliges the normal PSD members to make them accountable. It’s not a normal thing that hundreds of thousands of members, since we know that PSD claims to have 700,000 members, are in solidarity with a criminal who wants to sacrifice the whole country for his personal interest to get rid of prison. We’re talking about stealing, this is a clique of thieves, which is extremely serious. We’re talking about thieves who are terrified of the fact that they will not be able anymore to steal from public money, and they will have to use the power they used to steal public money, for citizens, which they cannot conceive. We’re talking about the desperation of thieves for not being able anymore to steal our money, this is the whole stake of the Dragnea case and of the Romania’s scarification” Dan Barna believes.


Traian Basescu: An uneducated psychopath thirsty for power


Ex-President Traian Basescu criticised PSD leader Liviu Dragnea on Sunday, stating he is “an uneducated but thirsty for power psychopath” who “privately believes himself to be Ceausescu or Napoleon.”

“How did we end up here? Romania, a NATO and EU member state, is dependent on the mind of an uneducated but thirsty for power psychopath. A psychopath who unashamedly buys off – with public money – pensioners and people on welfare. A psychopath who has subjugated a parliamentary majority that reacts with servility to all his “whims.” A psychopath who has imposed a governing programme that has smashed to pieces the country’s macro-economic balances. A psychopath who publicly threatens to destroy the “deep state,” when in fact he wants to have state institutions at his beck and call. A psychopath who has replaced four premiers (Ponta, Grindeanu, Tudose and Dancila) until he found one who is both incompetent and a flunkey (the first three lacked only the second quality). A psychopath who is in power because he had the ability to surround himself with a cohort of flunkeys, including the “red liberal” who unconditionally supports him for the sake of power and in contempt for the country’s interest. I believe Dragnea privately believes himself to be Ceausescu or Napoleon. He doesn’t realise he is a psychopath who is killing off a country because there is nobody around him to tell him STOP,” Basescu wrote on his Facebook page.


Victoriei Square, blocked by protesters on Sunday evening


Protesters in Bucharest blocked on Sunday evening the access into Victoriei Square, coming from Kiseleff and Aviatorilor boulevards.

Approximately 3,000 protesters gathered in front of the Government headquarters to voice their discontent with the current government, after several civic organizations announced the organization of the “Code Red for OUG[Government Emergency Ordinance]” event on Facebook.

“SOLIDARITY! Take to the street! The same actors, the same criminal’s nerve! After 600,000 people took to the street in 2017 and another dozens and hundreds of thousands took to the street this year, the two-time criminal wants to resurrect the fatidic OUG 13. What Dragnea wants now: introduction of a 200,000-euro threshold and the lowering of the punishment from 2 to 7 years at present to 1 to 5 years. The Criminal Code will enter the debate of the special committee chaired by no other than the obedient Florin Iordache, the former artisan of Emergency Ordinance 13,” the organisers wrote on the event’s page.

The protesters flied the Romanian and European Union flags and carried banners reading “Liviu’s and Viorica’s mathematics: thousands, tens of thousands = 73 + 1,” “We want government’s resignation, dissolution of Parliament, early elections, and without ordinances! Don’t favour offenders in public offices!,” “On the street we are united.” They also had vuvuzelas and chanted “PSD , Red Plague,” “Resignation, resignation.”

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