“Your Country, Your Tradition” educational program has been recognized at European level, benefiting from the patronage of the European Year of Cultural Heritage 2018

The educational program “Your Country, Your Tradition”, initiated and developed by Bancpost, has been recognized at European level, benefiting from the patronage of the European Year of Cultural Heritage 2018, organized by the European Union, for its contribution to promoting the national cultural heritage in a European context. The objective of the European Year of Cultural Heritage is to encourage as many people as possible to discover and appreciate the cultural heritage of Europe, to increase awareness regarding the history and common values, and to enhance the feeling of belonging at the cultural diversity of the European area.

“Your Country, Your Tradition” – the first multiannual educational program focused on promoting the UNESCO Heritage in Romania is initiated by Bancpost, a member of the Banca Transilvania Financial Group, in partnership with the Gaspar, Baltasar & Melchior Association, the Romanian National Commission for UNESCO and the Ministry of National Education. The program aims to promote the UNESCO Heritage and the cultural values from Romania towards the young generation, in order to offer true landmarks for the consolidation of their cultural identity.

In this year’s edition, the “Your Country, Your Tradition” Caravan travelled for over 4,000 km in a new adventure dedicated to promoting the authentic Romanian cultural values, traditions and customs among the young generations. The Caravan met over 3.500 middle school students in 57 schools enrolled in the program, who attended the Heritage Hour – a multimedia, interactive session about UNESCO’s objectives in Romania and learned linocut techniques, pottery or blacksmithing during the Practical Workshops.

The program continues through approximately 50 Bancpost units in Bucharest and large cities across the country, where dedicated corners were arranged, through which heritage educational kits are offered to children of the Bank’s clients or to the general public.

“This year’s edition brings several important news. We are honoured that, beginning with 2018, our program benefits from the patronage of the Romanian National Commission for UNESCO and has been selected as an official event within the European Year of the Cultural Heritage 2018. Also, as a result of the interest shown by students and teachers, the program has been extended nationally to facilitate the access of students from all over the country and it has also been supported by numerous local cultural institutions. And, last but not least, we marked a national premiere through the educational movie about the UNESCO objectives in Romania, a material which is available online to any student, teacher, parent and Romanian who is #mandrudepatrimoniu (#proudofheritage) and wishes to learn more about the UNESCO Heritage in Romania.” stated Aura Toma, Marketing and Communication Executive Manager, Bancpost.

“This year’s “Your Country, Your Tradition” educational program was an undeniable success both through its extensive coverage area and the impact obtained. Its inclusion in the framework of the European Year of Cultural Heritage 2018 is well deserved and represents an official recognition of its contribution to the promotion and discovery of the national heritage. The greatest merit lies with the program initiator – Bancpost – to whom we address congratulations. I am convinced that the future editions will be even more successful.” stated Ani Matei, Secretary – General, Romanian National Commission for UNESCO.

“We support the educational programs of Bancpost because they are welcomed in schools. The Romanian students need to learn useful information about the protected objectives in their country. The education of the young generation means, in fact, the certainty of a better future. Given the low level of knowledge related to the national, cultural heritage of Romania, such an educational program brings an added value in the Romanian school and puts another brick on the basis of the young generation’s education”, stated Stefana Calinescu Andrei, school inspector within the Bucharest School Inspectorate.

The need for involvement in cultural educational programs is highlighted by the INCFC Barometers of Cultural Consumption in recent years, emphasizing that the phenomenon of cultural consumption is low (77% of respondents show a minimum level of cultural involvement). On the heritage specific area, less than one Romanian out of 7 visits at least once per year a tangible cultural heritage objective, and over 57% of the respondents cannot clearly indicate what type that objective is. On the other hand, the relation to the national heritage value is a correct one: 96% believe that heritage must be protected, 90% declare themselves proud of the heritage in Romania and believe that it’s everyone’s responsibility to protect it and that this helps maintain the national identity, while 93% believe that more education for the protection of the cultural heritage should be present in school.

The psycho-pedagogues recommend the education for culture appetite starting young ages, when the tastes and preferences are in shaping up and unfiltered by the entourage and environment.

„Your Country, Your Tradition” is part of the social responsibility platform #bancpostpentrueducatie (#bancpostforeducation), where Bancpost is actively involved in the education of new generations through multiannual programs at national level. The social responsibility projects developed and implemented by Bancpost are oriented towards a sustained and sustainable development, bringing a long-term added value to the communities.

Bancpost expresses its gratitude to the cultural institutions in the country that supported the “Your Country, Your Tradition” Educational Program by becoming hosts for the 2018 edition: the Transylvanian Ethnographic Museum in Cluj-Napoca, the National Museum of Union in Alba Iulia – the Museikon Section, “Dr. Ioan Mesota” National College in Brasov, the Bastion Multifunctional Centre in Timisoara, the “Carol I” Braila Museum in Braila, the Bucovina Museum in Suceava and the Moldova National Museum Complex in Iasi.



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