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October 1, 2022

Janssen Romania celebrates 25 years of existence on the local pharmaceutical market . 30 innovative medicines in the local portfolio, more than 100 projects of community involvement over the past two years

Janssen, a pharmaceutical company of Johnson&Johnson Romania, has  celebrated 25 years of local presence, being one of the first multinational companies that established offices in our country. With a local portfolio of more than 30 innovative medicines, Janssen is a company with an important role in the development of new generation medicines and in identifying and creating concrete solutions in order to ease the access of the Romanian patients to them.

“In 25 years of presence in Romania, we evolved to an advanced business model, along with the needs of the patients and with the dynamism of the industry in which we are operating. Forwards, we are looking to the future and to applied solutions for the health management, to the best practices that were successful at international level, in similar contexts with the one in Romania. Thus, we support a model of promoting innovation and the access of the patients to innovative medicines, based on 3 concrete solutions: the public-private partnerships in the health field, the development of facilitated access schemes, and the principle of the unregulated pricing” sated Christian Rodseth, Managing Director of Janssen Romania.

The first innovative medicines with which Janssen entered on the Romanian market in 1993 where for schizophrenia, anemia associated with chronic renal failure; the company also released the first systemic antimycotic.

In 2018, the company’s local portfolio includes more than 30 innovative medicines addressing some of the most serious conditions such as blood cancers (chronic lymphocytic leukemia, multiple myeloma, mantle cell lymphoma), prostate cancer, schizophrenia, psoriasis, tuberculosis and HIV/AIDS. Moreover, 11 products from the Janssen global portfolio are included by the World Health Organization on the list of essential medicines for life.

“In 2017, Janssen’s global R&D investment has exceeded USD 7.9 billion, an increase of over 12% compared to 2016. We are looking forward to the fact that the products we currently have in research become the tomorrow’s treatments that Romanian patients will have access to. This year, for example, we are preparing to bring a multiple myeloma medicine and a new therapy for psoriasis to the local market. We also plan to have launches in the HIV-AIDS therapeutic field as well as in the multiple sclerosis field. We are innovating both in the development of new treatments and in the form of their administration to help increase adherence to treatment, which is very important, for example, in schizophrenia, taking into account that relapses can significantly aggravate the condition of a patient and, most of the time, they cannot be recovered”, stated Cristian Benza, Medical Affairs Director, Janssen Romania.

In 2017, Janssen launched “Impreuna pentru fiecare zi de maine” (e.n. – “Together for Every Tomorrow”), a local community involvement platform which includes three main directions of global action of the company: rescuing and improving women’s and children’s lives, preventing diseases among the vulnerable populations, and strengthening the capacity of the medical staff.

The platform includes more than 100 projects conducted between 2016 and 2018 in order to improve the quality of Romanians’ lives, which proved to have a real impact on society, reaching a number of more than 40,000 direct beneficiaries.

In the coming years, the company will continue its mission to support patients’ access to innovation and medicines at European standards, complementary to projects for support and involvement in the local community.

“On the occasion of celebrating 25 years of presence in Romania, we have made a commitment that strengthens our company’s mission for all these years. Thus, we are the main partner of one of our beloved projects – Swimathon Bucuresti, an initiative we have embraced with great enthusiasm, including through direct engagement. We have enrolled two teams consisting of our colleagues, who will swim to raise the necessary funds for the project of an association of patients which is enrolled in the competition. When involvement comes from people and when it is doubled by the company’s support, we enjoy the purest form of ‘doing good’” said Ioana Nainer, Patients Engagement & Advocacy and CSR Lead, Janssen Romania.

Janssen is a company which has 130 employees in Romania and is a member of representative organizations of the pharmaceutical industry and of the business environment in Romania: the Romanian Association of International Medicine Manufacturers (ARPIM), Local American Working Group (LAWG), the American Chamber of Commerce in Romania (AmCham), the Foreign Investors Council (FIC), the Coalition for Romania’s Development (CDR) and the Aspen Romania Institute

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