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National Flag Day: State officials hail significance of the tricolor, one of the most powerful national symbols. DefMin Mihai Fifor: A day that we all should keep in our hearts

The National Flag Day is a day that we always mark and every one of us should keep in his/her heart, Minister of National Defence Mihai Fifor stated on Tuesday, while attending the ceremony of raising the National Flag of Romania in the Tricolor Square in Bucharest.

“There is no greater honor than to swear faith to your country under the colours of the Flag and never forget that you made an oath of honor and faith anywhere your footsteps might carry you, in any type of mission. In a day like this, I cannot but think about the Romanian troops in the operation theatres, their families, the veterans of the Romanian Army, people who have always made efforts for their country, while never forgetting that they have made an oath under the flag of the country. This is an important day, a day that we always mark and each of us should keep in his/her heart,” said Mihai Fifor.

Romania’s flag was brought to the Tricolor Square, where it was blessed by a military priest and raised with the national anthem playing in the background, interpreted by the Representative Music of the Ministry of National Defence.

Participating in the event were representatives of the central and local public administration, troops, wounded troops and successors of the Army personnel who died in military action, war veterans, reserve troops and retiring military troops.

The ceremony was organized by the Ministry of Defence, in cooperation with the Prefect Office and the Bucharest City Hall.

The troops from the garrisons around the country participated on Tuesday in the public ceremonies organized on the National Flag Day by the local public authorities.

June 26 was proclaimed the National Flag Day by Law no. 96 of May 20, 1998. On this day, Romanian embassies, consular offices and cultural institutes abroad organize events and ceremonies marking the National Flag Day, alongside actions promoting Romanian traditions and cultural identity.


President Iohannis: One of the most powerful symbols of stability, independence, sovereignty and national unity



President Klaus Iohannis on Tuesday sent a message on the occasion of the National Flag Day, showing that this is one of the most powerful symbols of stability, independence, sovereignty and national unity.

The head of the state brought to mind that the flag was consecrated at the Revolution of 1848 and kept the Romanians united throughout the major moments of their history.

“The Union of Romanian Principalities in 1859, the declaration and conquest of the state’s independence in 1877, the First World War, the three moments of the Great Union of 1918, the Second World War, the Revolution of 1989, as well as our country’s accession to the North-Atlantic Treaty Organization and the European Union, all these stages of Romania’s development took place under the tricolor sign,” underscored Klaus Iohannis, according to a press release of the Presidential Administration.

For the modern Romanian state, connected to the European and Euro-Atlantic values, added the President, the tricolor still has today the same strong attributes it always had.

“Written on its folds are the values on which the Romanian nation was built – Liberty, Justice and Brotherhood – and which inspire the feeling of national identity and the pride of this people. (…) The Romanians bow their heads in sign of respect every time that the flag is hanged at the headquarters of the public institutions, sports competitions or in the theatres of operation, in which our army participates. In the Year of the Centenary, the profound spiritual symbolism of the tricolor inspires us and determines us to join in our efforts, animated by an authentic love for our country, of building a strong and democratic Romania. Happy Birthday to Romania and its tricolor!,” said President Iohannis.

On this occasion, the Presidential Administration illuminated the Cotroceni Palace in the color of the Tricolor.


PM Dancila: The tricolor unites us, it was a witness of the formation of the Romanian people


Prime Minister Viorica Dancila, on the occasion of the National Flag Day, said that the tricolor was the witness of the formation of the Romanian people and represents the symbol of the national unity.

“We are celebrating today the National Flag Day, which was proclaimed two decades ago, as a recognition of the emotional charge this symbol of the national identity and unity has for all Romanians. The tricolor represents us in all the important moments of our history and successes as a nation, it was the witness of the formation of the Romanian people and of our forefathers’ battles, and today is accompanying us in all the important events. The tricolor unites us and it represents our pride, alongside the other national symbols, the National Coat of Arms and the National Anthem,” stated Dancila, according to a press release of the Government on Tuesday.

The PM reminded that we are now in the Centenary Year and invites all Romanians to treasure the national values.

“In this centenary year, we invite you, dear Romanians, to honor everything that represents us as a nation and to teach our children to treasure to the same extent the values that were modern Romania’s engines!,” added Viorica Dancila.


IntMin Dan says National flag witnessed most important events in history


Interior Minister Carmen Dan conveyed on Tuesday a message on the National Flag Day, in which she underscored that the Tricolor is the witness of the most important moments in history,” of those events that defined Romania and, afterwards, propelled it among European countries.”

“Pride, in its pure and sincere form, is a lifting feeling that motivates and gives purpose to the deepest experiences. That what we all feel when our National Flag is hoisted on the most difficult to conquer redoubts, due to the performances achieved by Romanians. Today, on this anniversary day, it would be appropriated to take a look inside us for a couple of seconds, there, where each one of us shelter that pure, natural feeling, that is simply called patriotism. Let us remember that the National Flag is the witness of the most important moments in history, of those events that defined Romania and, subsequently, propelled it among European countries,” Carmen Dan state, as quoted in the Interior Ministry (MAI) release.

She stated that the Tricolour has the power to unite us all in the name of the ideals and values that do Romania good.

“Nothing can destabilise us, as long as we have a common creed, even if, at certain moments, we embrace different opinions. We remain the same Romanians recognised abroad for hospitality and humanity, and the Flag remains an indissoluble part of our identity around the world. The duty of each one of us is to give content to this national symbol, through our deeds. Romania has been built through the sacrifices and the unification in will of our forefathers and I believe that the future of this country is based on stability and wisdom,” reads the Interior Minister’s message.


MAE: For Romanian diplomacy, national flag represents supreme symbol of defence, promotion of national interests


The Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MAE) welcomes the celebration of the National Flag Day and stresses, in a press release issued on Tuesday for AGERPRES, that “for the Romanian diplomacy, the national flag represents the supreme symbol of the defence and promotion of national interests abroad.”

“As every year since 1998, today, June 26, we are celebrating the National Flag Day. The most important of the national symbols, the tricolor was banner and witness of the important moments in the history of the Romanian people. From the 1848 Revolution to the Greater Union, from the events of December 1989 to the ceremonies marking Romania’s Euro-Atlantic and European path, the flag has brought together the Romanians around an ideal, a national belief, but also a joy, a victory, in any corner of the world they might be,” reads the quoted communiqué.

For the Romanian diplomacy, MAE points out, “the national flag is the supreme symbol of the defence and promotion of national interests abroad, the support of the Romanians’ interests overseas, but also the high responsibility to represent the country.”

Thus, according to MAE, “hoisting the national flag in the operation theatres, in peace-keeping missions or at the moment of announcing the victory of Romania’s representatives in an international competition represents for each Romanian a gesture of national pride, a supreme symbol of honour and love of nation.”

“This year, when we mark the Centennial of the Greater Union, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs warmly wishes Many happy returns to all Romanians who proudly carry in soul and mind the values and symbols of the tricolor,” MAE states.



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