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September 28, 2022

No-confidence motion countdown

The censure motion against the Executive called “Dismissal of the Dancila-Dragnea Government, a national emergency!” initiated by the National Liberal Party (PNL) was read on Monday in Parliament’s plenary session.

The document tabled last week in Parliament  by the National Liberal Party (PNL), Save Romania Union (USR) and People’s Movement Party (PMP) was signed by 152 parliamentarians. The motion will be debated and voted on Wednesday.

For the censure motion to pass, 233 favourable votes are necessary. PSD and ALDE have together as many as 248 MPs while the number of PNL, USR and PMP deputies and senators is 155.

The Hungarian Democratic Union of Romania (UDMR) has 30 deputies and senators.

In the Legislative Chambers there are 17 more deputies belonging to national minorities other than the Hungarian one and 15 MPs unaffiliated.


Orban: PNL open to negotiations with all civilised political forces, after Gov’t fall


National Liberal Party (PNL) leader Ludovic Orban announced on Monday after the sitting of PNL’s Executive Bureau that negotiations with various parliamentary groups, aimed at upholding the censure motion, are carried out until the moment of the vote, but the political party is open to discussions with all civilised political forces also in case the Government falls.

“PNL is open, after the fall of the Gov’t, to negotiations with all civilised, decent political forces who want what’s best for Romania, so as to shape a beneficial solution for Romania that re-establishes Romania on its natural Euro-Atlantic path, on a democratic path that respects the values and fundamental values at the basis of the EU functioning, on a path that allows each Romanian citizen the chance to a better life. Until then, all our energy is focused on the objective of determining as many MPs in the government majority area as possible to pass this conscience exam they will undergo and vote for the censure motion, because in my opinion, the majority’s MPs on Wednesday will either have the opportunity to be on the list of national shame, in case they do not vote for the censure motion and will remain Dragnea’s regime accomplices, either they will have the chance to get onto the honour roll, in the citizens’ memory, doing a good thing for Romania and putting a stop to this absolute evil that Dragnea’s regime is for Romania today,” PNL leader said.

He also announced that no Liberal MP will be absent from the vote on the censure motion.

“Negotiations are further carried out, until the moment of the vote, both at individual level and at the level of certain parliamentary groups that might join us in supporting the censure motion,” he mentioned.

Orban also urged PNL’s members and supporters to be present alongside citizens in street demonstrations.

He added that PNL’s MPs will vote with an open ballot, during the sitting regarding the censure motion.

“The upcoming days will be decisive for Romania. On Wednesday, it will be clear who puts Romania first and who prefers to remain Dragnea’s accomplice and the supporter of a toxic regime for Romania. (…) PNL’s main objective is the fall of the Dancila Government, for the dismantling of an autocratic regime which brings enormous harm to Romania, which risks removing Romania from the map of civilised countries, remove Romania from the Euro-Atlantic map,” he further specified.


UDMR leader contradicts Ludovic Orban: “What he calls negotiation was a cup of coffee back on May 20 or so”


On the other hand, UDMR President Kelemen Hunor claims he did not negotiate the no-confidence motion with PNL leader Ludovic Orban. The leader of UDMR states he met Orban over a cup of coffee around May 20, and asked him several questions regarding the political future, questions that went unanswered.

On Monday, Kelemen Hunor stated for MEDIAFAX that during a talk with Ludovic Orban he wanted to know what will happen after the no-confidence motion, who will be Premier, who will be the ministers of several important portfolios and what will be the governing programme.

“UDMR is yet to decide anything regarding the no-confidence motion, we will probably hold a joint meeting on Wednesday morning and decide. But I’ve heard that Ludovic Orban negotiated with me. What he calls a negotiation was a discussion over a cup of coffee, back on May 20 or so. Not now, not after they filed the no-confidence motion, but over a month ago. We didn’t negotiate. I told Mr Orban back then that I want to know what happens after the no-confidence motion. Supposing there is the chance of changing the Government, I want to know what majority he relies on, with signatures. Who will be the Premier, backed by a majority, with the more than 200 signatures, as done in civilised countries. Then I wanted to see the governing programme, to know what is being done with the country, who are the ministers of the important portfolios – Finances, Internal Affairs, Defence, Education, Transports, Regional Development, Economy – and what are the short- and medium-term actions of the half term: taxation, education, infrastructural development, to know the direction the country is taking. These are simple, honest, transparent issues,” Kelemen said.


Ponta: We won’t vote for an Orban Gov’t. We’ve proposed Sorin Cimpeanu for Premier’s office


Pro Romania President Victor Ponta said on Monday that his party does not support a Government led by PNL leader Ludovic Orban and proposed former Education Minister Sorin Cimpeanu for the Premier’s office.

“We’re not voting for an Orban Government. We’ve proposed Sorin Cimpeanu (for the Premier’s office – editor’s note), about whom we’ve only heard praises from Social Democrats,” Victor Ponta pointed out.

Likewise, Victor Ponta claimed during a press conference on Monday that he will support any effort to replace the current Government and called on the initiators of the no-confidence motion to discuss with the MPs of other parties in order to let them know that the PSD Government should not be replaced by a PNL Government.

“This week we had a meeting of our interim leadership structures and we’ve decided the following: firstly, we want, and we support the idea of replacing the current Government with a much more competent Government, with a Government capable of leading Romania during the Centennial year, to represent Romania next year during the European Presidency, people prepared for the offices they hold within that Government. (…) We will support any effort to replace the current Government. (…) That is why we are calling on the initiators of the motion – PNL and USR – to discuss today, tomorrow and on Wednesday with all those willing from the PSD, ALDE, with us, PRO Romania, with the others from the other parties, in order to try and say it very clearly: we are not toppling the PSD Government to replace it with a PNL Government, we are replacing it with a competent Government,” Victor Ponta claimed.

“They have our votes but the nomination for the Premier’s office should be acceptable both for us and for those who need votes. I am talking about ALDE, PSD and all the other political forces,” Ponta added.


Majority coalition MPs, to ensure session quorum for censure motion, but not to vote


The Social Democratic Party (PSD) and the Alliance of Liberals and Democrats (ALDE) MPs will ensure the session quorum for the censure motion, but will not vote, PSD chairman Liviu Dragnea announced, on Monday at the end of a meeting of the governing coalition.

He denied the existence of tensions within the coalition.

“There aren’t any tensions in the governing coalition, there was even a good talk at the reunited groups. We talked about the motion, mostly. The procedure that we will follow on Wednesday was voted too. We will be present so as to ensure the quorum, but we will not vote. We are not talking about betrayal, after all it’s a vote. There is another logic – let them ensure the number of votes, if they initiated the censure motion. Why should we get involved in this demarche of the opposition? Let them have votes!”, said Chamber of Deputies Speaker Liviu Dragnea.

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