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October 1, 2022

The photo-documentary exhibition “Adakale is Living!” will be opened at the National Library

The photo-documentary exhibition “Adakale is Living!” will be inaugurated on Tuesday at the National Library, where an event will be held to celebrate fifty years since the evacuation of the former paradise in Clisura Dunarii.

The descendants of the community from the Ada Kaleh (Adakale in Turkish) will gather in Bucharest on Tuesday, from 18.00 to 21.00, at the Palimpsest Hall, for a series of talks and for the opening of the exhibition.

Two years after being evacuated, the island Ada Kaleh was definitively immersed under the Danube waters, upstream of the Portile de Fier Dam.

The island was approx. 3 km upstream of Orsova, having a length of around 1.7 km and a width of around 500 meters.

The almost 700 inhabitants of the island were mainly Turkish and their mainly engaged in the growth of roses and the trade with Turkish traditional products. Tourism has grown lately due to the low prices of jewelry, Turkish goodies and tobacco (as a result of the tax exemption). The island Ada Kaleh, populated since antiquity, was either under Ottoman or Austro-Hungarian occupation for hundreds of years. It became a Romanian territory after the World War I, and disappeared by immersion after the Portile de Fier Dam was built.

Its inhabitants, around 680 people, most of them Turkish people, were evacuated, and they could choose between establishing in Romania or in Turkey. Today, the members of the Ada Kaleh community are living in Romania, at Orsova, Turnu Severin, Constanta, Alba Iulia and Bucharest, as well as in Turkey, at Istanbul, Edirne, Ankara, Izmir and Eskisehir.

In the first part of the meeting, a conference called “Adakale between Research and Passion” will be held by Marian Tutui, Scientific Researcher III at the “George Oprescu” Institute of Art History, Magda Andreescu, Museographer at the Romanian Peasant Museum, and Carmen Mihalache, Researcher and Head of the Documentation and Valuation Department of the Romanian Peasant Museum.

The second part of the meeting will be dedicated to the inhabitants of the island, who are invited to a round table on the theme “Adakale, a Personal History”.

The evening will end with the opening of the photo-documentary exhibition “Adakale is Living!”, by Silvana Rachieru from the Turkish Studies Center – Bucharest University, together with the photojournalist Bogdan Cristel. The exhibition consists of archive materials belonging to the members of the Ada Kaleh community from Istanbul and Edirne and images with them, made by photojournalist Bogdan Cristel in 2014.

The exhibition will be open for two weeks.

The event dedicated to the memory of the Ada Kaleh Island is organized by the Bucharest “Yunus Emre” Institute, together with the Turkish Studies Center – the Faculty of History, Bucharest University, and is supported by the Embassy of the Turkish Republic and the Youth Committee of UDTR, Bucharest Branch.



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