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October 5, 2022

Toader on Elena Udrea’s extradition: Let the request come from court, we will send it forward

Justice Minister Tudorel Toader stated on Monday, referring to the extradition of Elena Udrea, whom High Court of Cassation and Justice (ICCJ) convicted, in a final ruling, to 6 years in prison in the Bute Boxing Gala dossier, that the Justice Ministry has partitioned obligations in this case, pointing out that first the documents must come from court, and the ministry will send forward the extradition request.

“The extradition procedure is the one stipulated by law. I call on you to reflect reality as it is, not as some want it to be. We sent the extradition documents in the Ghita case too. On that very day we asked the special directorate and we precisely communicated the documents, the date, the procedure carried out. This time around too, like every time in fact, the Justice Ministry has fulfilled its obligations on time and in full. Don’t forget we have partitioned obligations; it must come from court, we will send the request forward,” Tudorel Toader stated.

In early June, the Justice Minister announced that Elena Udrea could be extradited even if Romania does not have a bilateral treaty with Costa Rica.

“At this moment we do not have a bilateral treaty with the Republic of Costa Rica in the field of extradition. However, cooperation in this field can take place based on two distinct procedures. The first procedure, based on international courtesy, with the insurance of reciprocity. I want to emphasise that we did not have such a case of extradition from the Republic of Costa Rica and secondly, at this moment, on the dockets there is an ongoing case of extradition from the Republic of Costa Rica. Other than the one we are talking about. The second procedure of extradition can be done based on multilateral conventions whose parties the two states are. (…) One thing must be verified here: the field of regulation of the said convention must be circumscribed to the typology of the nature of the crimes committed by the person who is about to be extradited based on the said conventions. The duration of the extradition procedure depends on the legislation of the Republic of Costa Rica,” Toader explained.


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