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September 30, 2022

UDMR’s Kelemen: I talked to PNL leader; no-confidence motion does not have necessary votes to pass

The no-confidence motion does not have the necessary votes to pass without breaking the PSD-ALDE coalition, chair of the Hungarian Democratic Union of Romania (UDMR) Kelemen Hunor said on Tuesday.

He said that he has met today with PNL leader Ludovic Orban and they discussed about the censure motion to be submitted to Parliament’s vote on Wednesday. A final decision will be announced by UDMR on Wednesday morning.

The UDMR leader has mentioned that he has not discussed with Orban about the governing program, ministers, about the position of prime minister or what should be done by the one who wants to replace the Government.

“Surely, all the calculations lead to only one result. At this point, those who have initiated the censure motion do not have the votes required to bring down the Government. Without PSD, without ALDE, without dismantling the coalition, the Government cannot be brought down no matter what whoever says, because the figures do not lie. “Figures are extremely simple and it is extremely simple to make a calculation. We will continue the discussions in the coming months as well, because it is correct to discuss but we were unable to give an answer, because tomorrow morning we will make a decision in the joint groups and there we will vote,” Kelemen Hunor added.


 Kelemen asked if he is pleased with Gov’t: There are things I’m displeased with, for example the Transport Minister and the statements about expressways, and there are issues I’m pleased with, Victor Negrescu for example


UDMR leader has stated that a Government is in office as long as it has a majority and PSD-ALE currently ensure this majority. Likewise, he said there are things in the current Government he is dissatisfied with, such as the Transport Minister’s statements about expressways, and that he is pleased with the way European Affairs Minister Victor Negrescu manages his field of activity.

“The Government, regardless what Government we are talking about, stays [in power] while it has the majority. At this moment, PSD and ALDE ensure a majority for this Government. (…) No Government is irreplaceable, a better Government can be found each time,” the UDMR leader emphasised.

Asked whether he is pleased with the current Government, he said that there are things he is displeased with, such as the Transport Minister’s statements about highways, and things he is pleased with, such as the way European Affairs Minister Victor Negrescu is managing his field of activity.

“It’s a different discussion, it’s not about the no-confidence motion. There are things I am displeased with, for instance the Transport Minister and the statements about expressways, and there are certain issues I am pleased with, for instance the way Negrescu is managing what he has to manage regarding next year and especially the presidency of the Union. And there are many other aspects I am pleased with, and many other aspects I am not pleased with. There has never been a Government with which I was pleased one hundred per cent, not even the one whose member I was,” Kelemen Hunor pointed out.


“I have nothing to say about Vlase. He is a fair man, he can lead SIE well”


The leader of UDMR stated on Tuesday that he does not know whether his party will vote in favour of having Gabriel Vlase appointed at the helm of the Foreign Intelligence Service (SIE), pointing out that it does not matter who leads the institution and that who is nominated or backed for that office does not depend on the UDMR. He added he has nothing to say about Vlase, characterising him as a fair man who can lead the Service.

“I’ll tell you when [voting in favour or not] it’s on our order of the day. It doesn’t matter who leads SIE. It doesn’t depend on us, we’re not the ones nominating, we’re not the ones supporting, we have no member in the Intelligence Committee. We may vote or not, we’ll see. I have nothing to say about Vlase. He is a fair man from Parliament, he can lead SIE well. I have no way of giving a message before we discuss within the group. I find him to be a man who will handle it, I’m sure,” Kelemen Hunor explained when asked for his opinion on the nomination of Gabriel Vlase as SIE director.

The House and Senate’s Joint Standing Bureaus decided on Tuesday that House lawmaker Gabriel Vlase (PSD), President Klaus Iohannis’s nomination for the office of Foreign Intelligence Service (SIE) Director, would take part in the confirmation hearing within the Foreign Intelligence Committee on Thursday, with the confirmation vote set to take place next week in Parliament, Georgian Pop, Secretary of the Standing Bureau of the House, announced.

Two weeks ago, President Klaus Iohannis sent the two Speakers of Parliament a letter in which he nominated House lawmaker Petru-Gabriel Vlase (PSD) for the office of Foreign Intelligence Service Director.

Referring to the nomination, PSD leader Liviu Dragnea stated at the time that both he and Calin Popescu Tariceanu received a letter in this sense from President Klaus Iohannis, adding that “it raises more questions than clarifications.” In a jab at the President’s statement regarding the Constitutional Court decision on the dismissal of Laura Codruta Kovesi, Liviu Dragnea added: “I’ll read it until I’ll understand.”

“I suspect the press will ask me afterward. I’ll say it now so that they’ll use different questions. Let me speak a bit about the nomination for SIE. Indeed, we received an address from the President, both Calin Popescu Tariceanu and I, containing a nomination for SIE. And now I’ll quote a living classic, I’m trying to remember. This address raises more questions than clarifications, I’ll read it until I’ll understand, maybe we need to hold a debate on this topic, I’ll let you know. This is the answer to the unasked question about the nomination for SIE,” Dragnea said.

Senate Speaker Calin Popescu Tariceanu stated that Gabriel Vlase, nominated by President Klaus Iohannis for the office of SIE Director, is the right person for the job, adding that he is a man who left a good impression on him, even though he had previously said he was taken aback by the nomination. The ALDE leader explained that the President realised that, had he come up with a different nomination, one from outside the PSD-ALDE coalition, it would have had no chance of passing through Parliament.

Gabriel Vlase is Vice President of PSD, on his fourth term as representative of Buzau County in the Lower House, and Deputy Speaker of the House. According to his resume, he has a Ph.D. in military science and intelligence from the National Intelligence Academy (ANI). In 2015, Vlase’s name appeared in the dossier concerning the illegal restitution of forests in Buzau County, a dossier in which former House lawmaker Viorel Hrebenciuc received a two-year executory prison sentence in May 2018.

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