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October 4, 2022

USR is not allowed anymore to invite people in Parliament in this parliamentary session

The leadership of the Deputies’ Chamber decided that the Save Romania Union (USR) is not allowed anymore to invite people in Parliament during this session, as announced by the Secretary of the Standing Bureau, Georgian Pop, in the context in which several protesters entered last week in the building, being invited by the USR group.

Georgian Pop announced that in addition to sanctioning the USR members by not allowing guests brought in Parliament on their signatures, at the Tuesday meeting was also established to ban the access of the tourists and guests on the main hallways of the Deputies’ Chamber during the plenary sessions.

“Only the deputies, the press representatives, the technical staffs of the committees and the parliamentary groups are allowed on the central hallway during the works of the Deputies’ Chamber, guests or tourists are not allowed exclusively during the sessions of the Deputies’ Chamber. In this parliamentary session, USR is not allowed anymore to invite people” added the General Secretary of the Standing Bureau.

The leader of the USR MPs, Claudiu Nasui, stated after the meeting of the Standing Bureau that a collective punishment is unacceptable, being the first time in the Parliament’s history when such a punishment is established.

“I left the meeting of the Standing Bureau, in which Mr. Florin Iordache, the author of the GEO 13 committed a big abuse of office. It’s for the first time in the history of the Romanian parliamentarism when a collective punishment is established, the leader of the PSD group proposed and he put to the vote the proposal that only the USR will not be allowed anymore to invite people in the Romanian Parliament, which is totally unacceptable”  stated Claudiu Nasui in Parliament.

The decision of the Parliament’s leadership banning USR to have guests in the People’s House Building comes after several protesters entered the building last week, being invited by USR. Immediately after passing the access gate of the Parliament Palace, they didn’t go to the 1M level, which is the place assigned to the USR parliamentary group, but they stayed at the P1 level, where they protested, while PM Viorica Dancila was holding a speech in the joint plenum, on taking over the presidency of the EU Council by Romania, in January 2019.

The leader of the PNL MPs, Raluca Turcan, also stated on Tuesday that the decision was taken abusively and unconstitutionally.

“Today, by an abusive, unconstitutional and non-regulatory manner, the PSD majority decided to apply a collective sanction against a parliamentary group, which is an abuse of rights, a violation of the fundamental rights and of the exertion of the mandate. PNL cannot tolerate the endless repetition of this manner, which has nothing to do with the legality of ruling the sessions of the Deputies’ Chamber, therefore we ask the Legal Committee to sanction MP Iordache with the sanctions provided by the Regulation. Because of the resume of the request we address in writing to the Legal Committee, we appreciate that a cumulative sanction should be established” Turcan stated.

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