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October 3, 2022

PM Dancila at the debate of the no-confidence motion : Did not expect the entire motion to be sequence of lies

Prime Minister Viorica Dancila stated on Wednesday in Parliament’s plenum she was not expecting the entire no-confidence motion, signed by the National Liberal Party (PNL), Save Romania Union (USR) and People Movement’s Party (PMP), to be “a sequence of fabrications.”

“I was not expecting the whole motion to be a sequence of fabrications, a presentation of almost another reality, made in bad faith. I understand the role of the opposition and its obligation to criticise the Gov’t. This is part of the essential mechanism of democracy. But the way in which today, without any rational arguments, the opposition is undermining the Government’s entire effort based on some allegations devoid of logic and realism, makes me believe that this motion only stands for a political game,” Dancila stated at the debate of the censure motion “Ousting the Dragnea-Dancila government, a national emergency!”

The Prime Minister said she carefully read the text of the no-confidence motion and declared herself “disappointed”. She added that she was hoping, despite the political adversity, for “a constructive approach of criticism”, to the citizen’s benefit.

“I was hoping we would be warned, corrected, even pulled at the sleeve regarding certain measures which might seem questionable from your perspective. You mystify reality to serve your own political interests. You present the bad as being good and the good as bad. In your speech there is no room left for nuances. Everything is black and white. Everything the power does is bad, and everything you do is good. These are the premise and the conclusion of the motion, which betrays an incredible arrogance with respect to the doubtful performance you had when you were governing. You refuse to admit even the most obvious good things that have happened during this government,” Dancila said.

She added that for the opposition, the increase of the Romanians’ wages is “a populist measure that will bring the chaos in the economy”, and the rise of the minimum wages “an antisocial and anti-economic measure.”

“For you, the exceptional economic growth Romania had last year is the result of the government’s incapacity and incompetence. (…) In your view, the decrease of the government debt is actually a rise of the debt. Whatever this government might have done, whatever it might do, no matter how well things might go, for you it is impossible to get out of this paradigm of catastrophe, disaster and circus presented in Romania’s Parliament.”

Moreover, the premier affirmed that “many lies are circulating in the public sphere” about the amendments to the justice laws.

“We are unfortunately witnessing the amplest misinformation and intoxication of public opinion after the Revolution. There are many lies circulating in the public sphere and which obviously count on the emotional triggers that might catalyse a hostile, outraged and radicalised social reaction to the effort of the parliamentary majority to transpose into the criminal legislation the decisions of the Constitutional Court, of the European Court of the Human Rights and last but not least the Directive 343 of 2016 regarding the presumption of innocence,” Dancila further said.


Dancila reproaches no-confidence motion supporters switching to ad-hominem attacks when gov’t performance no longer deniable


Premier Viorica Dancila’s message  to the initiators of the no-confidence motion was that when they could no longer deny the pension and wage rises initiated by the government, they “took issue with the physical aspect, hairdo or clothing style of their political opponents.”

“When you could no longer deny the benefit of pension and wage rises, you took issue with the physical appearance, hairdo or clothing of your political opponents. When you could no longer deny the economic performance of this government, which was also acknowledged by the International Monetary Fund and the World Bank, you started making offensive comments regarding the training of your opponents,” Dancila said at the Parliament plenary meeting for the debate of the no-confidence motion titled “Ousting the Dragnea – Dancila government, a national emergency!” initiated by the Opposition.

The PM said that the Opposition representatives remain “prisoners to conflicting politics” without realizing that the Romanians “are fed up with scandal and hate the wrangling” that beset Romanian politics. Dancila voiced her confidence in the intelligence of the people “who have repeatedly proven that they don’t not fall for manipulations” and that they are able to discern the truth.

“When this term comes to end in 2020, the Romanians will draw the line and, with their specific wisdom, will rightly grasp the essence of things when they will turn out to vote. The equation will be as simple as possible. You cut, we have raised pensions and wages. You closed down, we have reopened and built schools and hospitals. You heightened, we have lowered and even scrapped taxes. Under your ruling unemployment was at its highest, with us it hit a low. You dismantled, we have created hundreds of jobs. You generated one of the steepest decreases, we – one of EU’s biggest economic growth,” the PM argued.

Dancila added that, apart from attacking the government, the Opposition should present the Romanians the alternative they have to offer.

“Many of us know it perfectly well! It’s the same alternative that you once before served the Romanian citizens, it is the alternative of benefit cuts and austerity. The program of the National Liberal Party (PNL) insists on cutting the minimum national wage to one thousand lei, that is even 25 more than the cut operated by the former PDL governance. Moreover, the PNL economists strongly claim that raising the minimum wage is an anti-economic and antisocial measure. And this while the minimum wage in Romania is still among the lowest in the European Union, despite the successive increases during our rule,” the PM said.


“Each Romanian must have freedom to decide where to keep their pension money”


Prime Minister Viorica Dancila stated on Wednesday, in the Parliament, that each Romanian must have the freedom to decide where to keep their pension money.

“The issue of nationalizing Pension Pillar II has never been raised nor could it be raised because the funds accumulated there belong to Romanians, and the right to property is guaranteed by the Constitution. What we want is for each Romanian to have the freedom to decide where to keep their pension money and I find it difficult to understand how it is possible for a party claiming to be a liberal to militate for the lack of choice, the imposition by the state of the place where the money should be kept. The issue of dismantling or nationalizing the Pillar II has never been raised, and it would not have been technically possible,” Dancila said at the debate on the no-confidence motion against the Government, signed by the National Liberal Party (PNL), Save Romania Union (USR) and People Movement’s Party (PMP).

Dancila said that the insinuations there is no pension money anymore and that the nationalization of the Pillar 2 is wanted represents the most serious misinformation in the no-confidence motion.

“I can understand up to a point that the opposition’s purpose is to challenge what the power is doing. I can understand the political schemes you are doing in this respect, but I draw your attention to the fact that for pensioners it is not a game for you to say that there is no more money for paying pensions until the end of the year. For a pensioner, whose health or even life depends on their monthly pension, it is not a game when you are lying to them there is no pension money anymore. It is an irresponsible lie and please stop lying to the pensioners. You embarrassed yourself when you foretold that there would be no more pension money after November. How long do you want to persist in this lie? ” she asked in the Parliament.

The prime minister also said that the Government is not responsible for the trend of inflation, which is under the “care and responsibility” of the National Bank of Romania (BNR), Prime Minister Viorica Dancila said on Wednesday in the Parliament.

“The Government is not (…) responsible for the trend of inflation. You know that this is under the care and responsibility of the National Bank of Romania, which, in fact, officially admitted that the inflation we are discussing was not generated by governmental policies,” Dancila declared at the debate on the no-confidence motion.


“We fight for Romania all the way” – message shown by Liberals during PM speech


National Liberal Party (PNL) MPs laid down in the plenary chamber of Parliament, during Prime Minister Viorica Dancila’s speech, a huge banner with the message “We fight for Romania all the way”.

At the beginning of Viorica Dancila’s speech regarding the motion of no confidence, Opposition MPs laid down on the podium behind the stand several boxes that had the same message : “We fight for Romania”, but also a diploma inscribed with: “The Hammer and Sickle award for Liviu Dragnea”. The boxes were later on disposed of by the Chamber of Deputies staff.

The Prime Minister’s speech was interrupted several times by the chanting of Opposition senators and deputies. They asked for the resignation of the Prime Minister.

“I had the decency to listen to the no-confidence motion, please have the same decency”, Prime Minister Viorica Dancila replied.

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