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September 30, 2022

Government passes eight strategic investment projects to be carried out under public private partnership

Prime Minister Viorica Dancila announced that the Government will adopt, on Thursday, eight strategic investment projects that will be carried out under a public private partnership (PPP), including the construction of a national blood, human plasma and stem cells bank, two regional hospitals, South Bucharest Airport and an electric transport means plant.

“Today we are adopting the second package of strategic investments that will be made under a public private partnership. We approved the first five projects on May 24 this year. Today, we approve eight more strategic investment projects to be prepared and awarded under a public private partnership. Of these, three are in the field of healthcare, which shows the interest of the Romanian Government in improving medical services,” Dancila said at the start of the Government’s sitting.

She mentioned that one of the eight projects is the building and operation, under a public private partnership, of a national blood, human plasma and stem cells bank, a solution considered in the context in which Romania has faced in the past year difficulties in securing the derivatives from plasma.

“The second project, the Timisoara Regional Hospital, will serve the western part of our country. The third project in the field of healthcare refers to the Braila-Galati Regional Hospital, with a capacity of approximately 800 to 1,000 beds. The other five projects refer to making Arges and Dambovita rivers navigable, the construction of the South Bucharest Airport, the Siret-Baragan Canal, the construction, under a public private partnership, of an electric transport means plant and a new ski tourist complex in the Fagaras massif,” she added.


Premier announces change of investment incentive state aid scheme, projects eligible as of 3 ml euro


Premier Viorica Danila announced on Thursday, at the beginning of the government meeting, that the requirements of the investment incentive state aid scheme will be changed so as to allow applications from more Romanian companies.

“At the meeting today we will modify the investment incentive state aid scheme, with a major impact on the economy. Grants under this scheme with a yearly budget of 145 million euro have a multiplier effect in the economy through the engagement of related investments, but also by the development of local product and service providers. The first change will be that the value of the minimum eligible investment will be lowered from 10 million euro to 3 million euro to allow more Romanian companies to apply,” Dancila said.

Another change refers to the opening for funding applications that will be continuous within the limit of the budget allocated for the current year.

“We’ll give up the score-based selection and instead those applications will be selected that meet the eligibility criteria and requirements. The company may start the investment project after submitting the application for the funding agreement so that it can start the project at a certain date, in accordance with its business plan,” the Prime Minister explained.

Dancila added that a draft on the establishment of the National Agency for Initial Dual Vocational Education is also on the meeting’s agenda, mentioning that this is “a very important act for training the future generations” for the labor market.

“This authority will manage the relationship between job demand and supply in various economic areas. We are basically setting the foundations for an institution working at European standards, that will come up with concrete solutions for all those interested in the vocational training system. We thus want to support young people who want to learn a profession that is both well paid and high in demand. Through the same regulatory act we also want to offer solutions to a high number of companies with Romanian or foreign capital who want to train their future employees,” Dancila added.


“We will ensure necessary financing for emergency medical centers”


She announced in Thursday’s cabinet meeting that the Government will adopt measures to ensure the necessary financing for 350 emergency medical centers, allocating additional funds to the Ministry of Health, from the budget reserve fund at the Government’s disposal.

“An important measure that we are taking today is financing in the Health sector, we ensure the necessary financing for permanent medical centers, so that patients can benefit from medical services, emergency room type of services, regardless of the hour or where they live. Presently, there are approximately 350 emergency medical centers, in isolated or hard to reach areas, especially in the rural area. This is where we need basic health care, beyond the work hours of family medicine clinics. For these centers we will allocate additional funds to the Ministry of Health, from the budget reserve funds at the Government’s disposal.” Dancila specified.

She reminded that as of July 1, pensions will be raised, as well as social benefits for people with disabilities.

“Just as we made a commitment, through the governing program, starting with July 1, Romanians’ pensions will be raised. This is a responsibility, but also a debt of honor to those over 5 million pensioners. The pension point will go up by 10 percent, starting with July 1, 2018, namely from 1,000 lei to 1,100 lei. The guaranteed minimum pension will also go up by 23 percent, also from July 1, 2018, from 520 lei to 640 lei. We are talking about net values, because it is well known that pensions under 2,000 lei are tax free. Also, starting with July 1 the social benefits will be raised for people with disabilities,” the Prime Minister showed.



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