Latest scandals in Parliament change the Chamber’s Regulation. PSD MP Nicolicea wants the sanctioning of the aggressive parliamentarians

The Standing Bureau of the Deputies’ Chamber sent on Wednesday to the specialized committee a draft that amends the Parliament’s Regulation initiated by the PSD MP Eugen Nicolicea (photo), as a result of the protest organized on the Parliament’s hallway by several people invited by the USR group of senators. According to the amendments, the deputies who breach the regulation, which will forbid any disturbance of the activity, can be sanctioned with the suspension of their participation in the works between 2 and 30 working days. USR Chairman Dan Barna says that the amendments to the Regulation of the Deputies’ Chamber are aimed at literally removing the USR PMs from the Parliament.

“The disturbance of the parliamentary activity, uttering offenses or slanders, both from the Chamber’s tribune and from the plenary sessions room, the committees’ room or from the room of the other working bodies of the Parliament, is forbidden” reads the proposal for amending the regulation.

Also, the chairman of the meeting can call to order the deputies who disturb the debates or who create disorder. If after being called to order, the deputies continue to breach the regulation or to prevent in any way the normal conduct of the works, the chairman of the meeting can retract their right to speak, and if they still persist, he can order them to be removed from the room. The same article provides that removing the deputies from the room in the above mentioned cases is done by the Secretary General, who calls the security service.

Also, the chairman can suspend the meeting.

In addition, new deeds that are considered as parliamentary misconduct are introduced, such as: “disturbing the parliamentary activity by breaching the rules of parliamentary conduct, courtesy and discipline” and “blocking the parliamentary activity”.

As for the sanctions for breaching the Regulation, they include the following measure: “without affecting the right to vote in the plenary session and under the strict observance of the rules of conduct, the temporary suspension of the deputy’s participation to part or to all of the Parliament’s activity for a period between two and thirty working days”.

The proposal is the result of the recent scandals in the parliament. Last week, several protesters entered the Parliament’s building, using invitations provided by USR. Immediately after passing the access gate of the Parliament Palace, they didn’t go to the 1M level, which is the place assigned to the USR parliamentary group, but they stayed at the P1 level, where they protested, while PM Viorica Dancila was holding a speech in the joint plenum, on taking over the presidency of the EU Council by Romania, in January 2019.

Later, the leadership of the Deputies’ Chamber decided that USR is not allowed anymore to invite people in Parliament, during this session.

Several tensed moments and even protests also occurred in this parliamentary session, mostly caused by USR. The representatives of the ruling parties criticized these actions, and insults between the parliamentarians of the governing coalition and those of the Opposition took place many times.


Barna, on the changes of the Chamber’s Regulation: Liviu Dragnea wants to literally remove us from the Parliament


USR Chairman Dan Barna said that the amendments to the Regulation of the Deputies’ Chamber are aimed at literally removing the USR MPs  from the Parliament.

“Liviu Dragnea wants to literally remove us from the Parliament. PSD is preparing the amendment of the internal regulation of the Deputies’ Chamber, so that the USR MPs will no longer be able to participate in the plenary sessions and in the meetings of the Committees if the disturb the order in any way” Dan Barna stated.

He also mentioned that only people invited by PSD entered the Parliament’s building today, while those invited by USR were expelled.

“Such a thing never happened since 1989 until today” the USR Chairman added.


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