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October 4, 2022

MAE, about the Romanian citizen sentenced to death in Malaysia: The case remains a priority

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MAE) informs that, on June 27 2018, took place the appeal trial for the second Romanian citizen sentenced to death in Malaysia for drug trafficking, the sentence remaining final and specifies that this case was and remains a priority for the Romanian authorities.

“The Ministry of Foreign Affairs informs that on June 27 2018, it took place the appeal trial in the case of the second Romanian citizen sentenced to death in Malaysia for drug trafficking. The Federal Court of Justice of Malaysia, who ruled the appeal, confirmed the capital punishment by means of a final decision, exhausting thus all the internal remedies in this case,” informs the spokesperson and communications department of the MAE in a press release issued  on Wednesday.

According to the same source, the lawyers of the Romanian citizen will submit next a request for pardon with the Sultan of the Malaysian state where the offense was committed, according to Malaysian proceedings, with the request to be next analyzed by a pardon committee, which shall be convened upon the Sultan’s request.

The MAE states that the sentence can not be enforced until the pardon request has been resolved, and this may take some time.

“The Romanian state, through the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Romanian Embassy in Kuala Lumpur, will continue to try to solve the situation, considering that it affects the right to life of a Romanian citizen, which is an inalienable right in the constitutional order of the Romanian state. This has forced the subject to be treated with particular care, while remaining a priority for the Romanian authorities,” the MAE said.

MAE reiterates that, ever since the signaling of the cases, it has gotten involved and has taken all possible steps to assist the Romanian citizens. The Romanian Embassy in Kuala Lumpur has especially watched how the court proceedings were conducted, while consulting with the defense attorneys on a permanent basis and also attended the trial.

At the same time, the representative with attributions consular of the diplomatic mission paid several visits to the Romanian citizens serving time in prisons and intervened and obtained some facilities, which are improving the regime of detention applied, and maintain contact with the families of the imprisoned from back in the country.

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