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October 1, 2022

Ministry of Tourism partners up with Untold and Neversea organizers

The Ministry of Tourism concluded a partnership with the representatives of the Untold and Neversea music festivals in order to promote Romania’s tourism, the “All inclusive Transylvania” event being due to become “All inclusive Romania”.

“The Tourism Ministry managed to adopt new partners, Untold and Neversea. These events have been taking place for four years, and they are a real success. Last year alone there were approximately 350,000 people present at Untold, and 150,000 at Neversea. Of which, there was a significant number of foreign tourists, from England and Germany. Furthermore, we are talking about more than 100,000 articles in the media, both written and online, that these two events have generated. It is important that together we promote tourism in Romania. We will have a partnership that we are signing today with the representatives of the two events and we will have benefits as well: the promotion of Romania’s tourism. Moreover, the event that involved only the promotion of tourism sites in Transylvania ,”All inclusive Transylvania”, will be transformed into “All inclusive Romania”. With the bracelet from Untold you can enter, for free, or at a significant discount, various sightseeing spots in Romania. It is a new way of promotion that we need to take advantage of. It is an efficient way of showing tourists the beauties that Romania benefits from,” Tourism Minister Bogdan Trif told a press conference on Tuesday.

In his turn, Edy Chereji, representative of the festival’s organizers, underscored that 2018, being the year of the Centennial, they wanted to expand the campaign of tourism promotion based on the Untold bracelet to the level of the entire country, from northern Maramures to the Black Sea.

“The campaign titled “Romania all inclusive” is a new initiative of ours (…). Three years ago we started with that campaign called “Transylvania all inclusive” through which we intended then, that with the Untold Transylvania bracelet, people who take part in the festival to have gratuity or a discount for sightseeing spots in Transylvania. This campaign caught on very well, we had a large number of tourists that visited Transylvania thanks to this campaign. This year, being an anniversary year, we wanted, with the occasion of the Centennial, to transform this campaign into an even larger one – thus “Transylvania all inclusive” becomes “Romania all inclusive”. Among the facilities that the Untold participants have, based on that bracelet, we add the facilities that people will have based on the Neversea bracelet as well, thus we will have sightseeing spots which can be visited for free or at a discount, from the northern part of the country, form Maramures all the way to the Black Sea. The long list of objectives are Brukenthal Museum, The Merry Cemetery of Sapanta, Turda Salt mine, the Rasnov citadel, various tourist objects from the Danube Delta, the dolphin aquarium in Constanta. All destinations will be on the Untold and Neversea websites,” Chereji said.

He expressed his conviction that many tourists will be registered throughout the approximately two months of campaign, from July 5 to September 30, and launched an invitation to those who manage a sightseeing spot and want to join the campaign.

The Ministry of Tourism offered the two representatives of the festivals, Bogdan Buta and Edy Chereji, the titles of honorary ambassadors of Romanian tourism and mentioned that through this protocol those from Untold and Neversea will have the right to use the Romania’s logo as a tourism destination.

On this occasion, Bogdan Buta specified that the partnership signed on Tuesday is at an early stage and is signed with the Ministry of Tourism, and not with political parties.

“(…) Untold has no political involvement. Instead, we are open to any positive initiative, regardless of where it comes from. We consider that we have partners within the Ministry and are optimistic that we will have good results in all that this partnership stands for. For us, this recognition will grant us the opportunity to officially represent Romania in our international travels and to proudly take with us all that Romania has to offer to our foreign partners,” Bogdan Buta said.

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