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September 28, 2022

Patria Bank offers funding for agricultural works through the APIA credit

Starting from June, Patria Bank will offer funding for agricultural works as a result of signing the partnership with the Agency for Payments and Intervention in Agriculture (APIA) for the aid schemes implemented by APIA in the 2018 Campaign (the Single Area Payment Scheme – SAPS and Delegated Measures in the National Rural Development Program – PNDR).

Through this partnership, Patria Bank offers to the agricultural workers the possibility to obtain a down payment up to 90% of the value of the calculated amount according to the certificate issued by APIA. Since the farms have their own pace, with needs to be satisfied immediately, the funding offered by Patria Bank is simple and quick for farmers: they don’t need to go to the bank – the Patria Bank agricultural adviser goes to the clients’ farms to prepare the papers and to sign the documents – the documentation is simplified, the reimbursement is automatically made when the grant is received; furthermore, no guarantees or self-contribution are needed from clients.

“Like every year, we are with the farmers through the APIA discounting credit. For us, it is a business priority and a desire to be part of developing agriculture in Romania. In any farm, things must be solved at the right moment, and the APIA credit solves the financial flow of any agricultural business. Last year, the credits f this kind represented 21% of the total number of Agro credits offered by Patria Bank. We strongly believe that this year we will manage to support even more farmers” stated Bogdan Alexandrescu, Agro Department Coordinator at Patria Bank.

In addition to the APIA credit, the farmers can find financial support through the specific Agro financing solutions provided by Patria: credits without guarantees, credits for working capital with seasonal reimbursement, credits for investments and agricultural land acquisitions, and credits for implementing projects with EU funds or deposits in RON with flexible deadlines, so that the farmers can obtain maximum income from temporary available assets.

For further details on the APIA discounting credit provided by Patria Bank and on the other Patria Bank products for farmers, please go to any Patria Bank office.

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