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October 19, 2021

Prosecutor General Lazar, concerning the acquittals in justice: They prove there is rule of law and impartial justice

Prosecutor General of Romania Augustin Lazar appreciated on Friday, during a legal conference that took place in Alba Iulia, that the fact that there are acquittals proves that nobody is above the law, and there is a rule of law and an impartial justice system.

“Some people in this country complain, whether they are citizens without a special position (…) or lawyers or magistrates, etc, that they were the subject of some procedures that ended with a solution of acquittal. What can this prove? That no one is above the law,” the General Prosecutor declared.

Lazar added that where there were some questions marks, thorough evidence or reasonable suspicion, verifications were made, all procedures were gone through and it has been demonstrated that a rule of law, an impartial justice system exist.

“Well, some are nervous about this. They would have believed, based on a certain mentality, as mentality is the most conservative, that nobody should have gone near them. Even if it was public information that a crime was committed, nobody should have touched them, because, here, there is an acquittal now. Whoever makes such claims should reflect more, because the situation is as it is, nobody is above the law. And if we see magistrates in this situation, it is proof that Justice is impartial, it is independent. That there are a few situations, which shouldn’t have been that many, it is also correct. And what must we do? We must respect the professional ethics and nobody will involve us into procedures, if we do not enter environments where we give the impression that we work with others and we do not respect the ethics”, Augustin Lazar concluded.

The l Prosecutor General participated on Friday in Alba Iulia in the “Independence and impartiality of Justice in the jurisprudence of the European Court for Human Rights”conference, organised by the Court of Appeal Alba Iulia and the Alba Bar, in collaboration with the Public Prosecutor’s Office attached to the High Court of Cassation and Justice, the European Lawyers’ Union (UAE) and the “1 December 1918” University of Alba Iulia.

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