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October 5, 2022

Justice Day. JusMin Tudorel Toader: Justice, essential in process of consolidating rule of law

Justice Minister Tudorel Toader posted on Sunday on his Facebook page a message on the occasion of Justice Day maintaining that justice is essential in the process of consolidating the rule of law.

At the same time, he congratulated the magistrates and prosecutors who professionally and honestly accomplish or participate in bringing about justice.

“Justice Day is celebrated on the first Sunday in July, according to Article 2 of Government Decision no. 364/1994. Justice is a public interest service, essential in the process of consolidating the rule of law, it is and must be to the citizens’ service, the guarantor of the achievement of fundamental rights and liberties. I thank and congratulate all magistrates, justices or prosecutors, the entire auxiliary speciality staff, who, with professionalism and honesty, accomplish or participate in bringing about justice. Many happy returns!,” Tudorel Toader wrote.


Prosecutor General: Message to citizens to trust prosecutors, we remain faithful to Constitution’s spirit


Prosecutor General Augustin Lazar on Sunday, Justice Day, passed on a message to Romanians to trust prosecutors that they will act with professionalism and impartiality for the defence of fundamental rights and freedoms, underscoring that the prosecutors’ independence is not a privilege but a necessity.

“The first Sunday of July is dedicated, as of 1994, the celebration of Justice Day, an anniversary moment, but also symbolic for all of us who work in the justice system in the sense of the acknowledgement of the important role justice has in society. For this reason, Justice day must stand for an occasion of reflection and analysis of the course and developments registered by the judiciary, especially under the extremely intense circumstances of the last two years. I have in mind both the series of legislative amendments which affect the magistracy and criminal justice, and the attacks on justices and prosecutors, far harsher and frequent during this period,” Augustin Lazar affirmed in his message for Justice Day.

He is saying that the magistracy, justices and prosecutors must give signal of unity and involvement when fundamental matters that concern the essence of justice as public service are in question.

“Justice means truth and lawfulness, and the notions of truth and justice are inherent to human nature, one cannot live without them. Practicing justice in pursuit of the truth and for bringing about justice is a noble mission: turning the rule of law into normalcy, into the norm in society represents a guarantee of the balance necessary to a democratic social order. From this perspective, we have an immense responsibility towards society, that we can fulfill only through the independence guarantees provided by the Constitution,” Lazar underscored.

He specifies that society needs to acknowledge that the prosecutors’ independence is essential for the rule of law, being the guarantee of an impartial and efficient justice.

“The prosecutors’ independence is not a privilege conferred to the prosecutors’ interest but a necessity to ensure that justice, as one of the state’s powers, through its institutions, is capable of fulfilling the role to maintain the balance of powers and the rectitude of the relation between state and citizen,” the Prosecutor General shows.

Augustin Lazar highlights “the constitutional role of the Public Ministry in defending a person’s fundamental rights and liberties, a priority objective of prosecutors.”

“In this regard, last year, the Prosecutors’ Office attached to the High Court of Cassation and Justice launched a project regarding the training and further training of prosecutors in view of the institutional consolidation, the observance of a person’s fundamental rights and freedoms in the prosecution stage, as well as the reduction of the number of convictions at the European Court of Human Rights,” Lazar adds.

He communicates to citizens to have confidence in prosecutors that they will act with professionalism and impartiality in defence of fundamental rights and freedoms.

“In this context, I would like to tell citizens, litigants or not, to trust prosecutors, to assure them we will remain faithful to the Constitution’s spirit, that we will act with professionalism and impartiality to defend their fundamental rights and freedoms. Last but not least, I would like to voice my respect and appreciation towards the entire body of magistrates, judges and prosecutors, to all the other legal professions (lawyers, notaries, bailiffs , auxiliary staff in courts and prosecutors’ offices, nationally licensed experts), to all those who, within the judicial system, responsibly exercise their profession to society and citizens, enforcing and observing the law,” Lazar concludes his message for Justice Day.



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