Floca, the latest Friending app, was released in Romania, too – 100,000 downloads since released

Floca, the Friending app released last month in Madrid by a team of Romanians, was released this month in Romania, too. The app has already reached 100,000 downloads, respectively 50,000 monthly users.

The number of downloads beyond expectations led to the need of some important changes in terms of the app’s functionalities.  Thus, in order to increase the retention degree of the monthly users, the app’s developers are working to new updates. The main update to be available soon is to introduce a wall with people around, where users will be able to generate even more in-app content and higher possibilities of interacting with other users.

11 people are working to the app called Floca, being coordinated by Ionut Patrascoiu – Founder and CEO.

“We’re working to this product since more than three years ago, and we want to connect people in real life, to take them out from the online environment and make them meet face to face. We chose Spain as the launching ramp because Floca is a global app and it will be much easier to us to expand on other Spanish-speaking markets, in the first phase. Also, Madrid is a very mature city in terms of the start-up ecosystem. There are still a lot of issues to improve, but now we are focusing on retaining the users and on their behavior in the app. We ae glad that the release in Spain was a success and that today we enter the Romanian market, too” stated Ionut Patrascoiu .

Floca is a Friending app developed by Inovatie Alia, a tech company from Iasi. The app’s name is an acronym that refers to its main features: Friends location and chat around.

The app facilitates the interaction between users through the chat and location function. More specifically, a user can contact other users in his proximity through the GPS on the phone, at the same time being able to initiate talks with no filter or barrier.

The app is designed for both those who want to know new people, and those who want to stay in touch with their friends – in the case of crowded areas, such as festivals or large events, the location function helps them stay in touch with the group.

The main age range targeted by the Floca app is between 17 and 24 years.

The app is free of charges and is available in Google Play and AppStore.

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