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October 7, 2022

Platform Romania 100: Education, experience and professional relevance must underpin nominations in diplomacy

Education, experience and professional relevance must underpin nominations in diplomacy, not personal or family relations, Platform Romania 100 affirms in a post on Facebook on Sunday.

The quoted source claims the Executive continues to appoint Romanian consuls abroad through a system based on “clientelism and nepotism”, appreciating that at least three nominations through Gov’t decisions on 28 June “raise question marks.”

“Platform Romania 100 takes note the current Government continues the appointment of Romanian consuls abroad relying on subjective criteria, through a system based on clientelism and nepotism. At least three nominations through Government decisions of 28 June 2018, signed by Prime Minister Viorica Dancila and countersigned by Foreign Affairs Minister Teodor Melescanu, raise question marks on the real reasons behind these decisions. We are referring to Ioana Gheorghias, the daughter of a shareholder of “Tel Drum” company [“Tel Drum SA” company, involved in anti-graft investigation, on charges of European funds defrauding], a person close to Liviu Dragnea [Social Democratic Party Chairman, e.n.]; Sorin Adrian Parvulescu, step son of Teodor Melescanu [Foreign Affairs Minister, e.n.] and Anton Emmanuel Barbu, son of former Culture Minister Daniel Barbu (ALDE – Alliance of Liberals and Democrats, minor at rule, e.n.),” Romania 100 Platform maintains in its post on the social media page.

In this context, Romania 100 Platform underscores that education, experience and professional relevance should underpin nominations in diplomacy, not personal or family relations.

“Romanian diplomacy suffers a lot, these decisions deeply contributing to our country’s image downgrading abroad and the weakening of credibility in the relation with our foreign partners. Moreover, these newly appointed consuls, just as those already in office can have attributions in the electoral process in which Romanians in the respective cities will participate. We bring to mind, moreover, that the country’s president is not involved in the nomination of general consuls, these being appointed by the Government. What recommends those appointed in strategic diplomatic positions of the Romanian state, other than the fact they are relatives of various leaders of the governing coalition?,” Platform Romania 100 further writes.

The organisation says it will be vigilant with how the electoral process will be carried out in the Diaspora.

“We draw, therefore, attention to these nominations based on nepotism and on the fact that we will vigilant as to how the electoral process in the Diaspora will be conducted,” the quoted source specifies.

Decisions on the recalling and nomination of consuls general were published on Thursday in Monitorul Oficial (the Official Journal, e.n.), in the case of Romania’s General Consulates in Strasbourg, Edinburgh, Cernauti and Turin. (…)

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