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January 26, 2023

War of words between PNL and UDMR leaders. Ludovic Orban: I categorically do not reproach myself for failure of no-confidence motion. UDMR has clearly been the decisive factor in the failure of the motion. Kelemen, about Orban: He has lost the contact with reality. Changing Dancila with him is not a deal

National Liberal Party (PNL) President Ludovic Orban (photo) stated on Sunday, during a press conference in Galati, that he categorically has nothing to reproach himself for the failure of the no-confidence motion tabled against the Dancila Government, claiming that UDMR was the decisive factor in the failure of the motion.

Ludovic Orban said he does not reproach himself for the failure of the no-confidence motion and that the Opposition can be blamed only if it does not table a motion.

“Categorically not. I am actually amused by the comments of some who are nevertheless not with PSD and who have certain political experience. How could you consider the Opposition responsible for the fact that the no-confidence motion did not pass? This happens in no democracy in this world. The Opposition can be considered responsible if it does not table a no-confidence motion and if it doesn’t resort to this lever that it has at its disposal in line with the Constitution and the law,” Orban said when asked if he reproaches himself for the failure of the motion.

The PNL leader claimed that the legitimacy of the motion was recognised by everyone and its timing was appropriate.

“Here we are not talking about winning or losing, the legitimacy of this motion was recognised by everyone, everyone perceives the fact that the Dragnea regime is a regime that harms Romania, that creates detriments externally, that generates grave dysfunctionalities in the economy and in the normal functioning of state institutions. Likewise, for 85 percent of the population, Dancila is completely inappropriate for the office of Premier. In these conditions, it was not our fault that the motion failed. We chose the moment very well. If ruling power parliamentarians did not leave their seats to vote for the no-confidence motion not even after Dragnea’s conviction – which we did not foresee, because we do not have the capacity to foresee this –, it means they are either cowards or irresponsible. (…) It is inadmissible, all PSD, ALDE, UDMR parliamentarians did not even vote. Moreover, UDMR, being absent, so that there would not be parliamentarians who, being present, would go vote for the no-confidence motion,” Orban added.

The PNL leader added that, in his opinion, UDMR was the decisive factor in the failure of the motion.

“In my opinion, UDMR has clearly been the decisive factor in the failure of this motion, because had UDMR announced on Wednesday morning, when they said they would take the decision, that they would vote for the no-confidence motion or that they would at least allow their parliamentarians to vote as they want, at least 50-60 PSD parliamentarians would have voted for the motion,” Orban added.

The PNL leader also said that Liviu Dragnea probably promised Kelemen Hunor things that he would never have promised because they are non-negotiable: “After the negotiations I had with UDMR, Mr Kelemen Hunor probably went to Mr Dragnea, we know this, that he had talks with Mr Dragnea, but we can’t know what they discussed, and Mr Dragnea probably promised them things that I would have never promised because they are non-negotiable.”

The no-confidence motion that PNL tabled against the Dancila Cabinet was rejected by Parliament on Wednesday, so the Dancila Government survived. The motion garnered 166 votes in favour and needed at least 233 to pass and to topple the Government.

UDMR President Kelemen Hunor stated on Saturday that the idea that the Union is keeping the current Government alive is “an overall lie” because the ruling coalition has the majority with or without the UDMR.

“We couldn’t vote for the no-confidence motion because nobody came up with any kind of proposal, we did not even know who the candidate for the Premier’s office would be, we did not even know the governance programme, and a responsible politician cannot vote the no-confidence motion. This is why we chose this, because we saw that this is a war for power, it does not speak about society’s essential things, about the future of the country, and, for this reason, we stay out of this policy, out of this war,” Kelemen stated at the political camp that UDMR and the Conference of Young Hungarians in Romania organised in Zetea, Harghita County.


Kelemen, about Orban: He has lost the contact with reality. Changing Dancila with him is not a deal


The Chairman of the Democratic Alliance of Hungarians in Romania (UDMR), Kelemen Hunor, thinks that Ludovic Orban “has lost any contact with reality”, after he said that the censure motion failed because of the Alliance, appreciating that changing Viorica Dancila with the PNL Chairman is not a big deal.

Kelemen Hunor stated on Friday to the MEDIAFAX correspondent that the statement made by the PNL Chairman according to which if UDMR would have voted the censure motion, some PSD members would have had courage, means “a very strong logical rupture”.

“It seems like Mr. Orban has lost any contact with the reality and with any sense of ridicule. This statement according to which the motion failed because of us, is totally devoid of intelligence. Once again, I tell you that if we add 30 more votes to 166, it wouldn’t be enough anyway. For Mr. Orban, after all the school years, it should be very clear that we need more than 30 votes to reach 233 votes. Mathematics is the same for everybody. On the other hand, saying that if UDMR would have voted the censure motion, some PSD members would have been encouraged, is a very strong logical rupture, again. It would be very flattering to me if somebody would tell me that if I vote, they will be encouraged and they will fly to Orban. You can’t make such a statement and believe what you are saying. Is Mr. Orban hearing himself while speaking, or isn’t he?” Kelemen stated.

He said that he cannot understand why is Orban making such assertions, mentioning that blaming UDMR all the time is very counterproductive.

“Since so many years, if somebody fails in the Romanian politics, they blame UDMR. All right, it’s ok, but what did you do all these years? He didn’t give me any satisfying, or at least convincing answer to those questions about we were talking for one month before: Prime-Minister, governing program, ministers, majority. He even admitted he doesn’t have a majority and told me it might be a Prime-Minister from PNL or a Prime-Minister agreed by PNL, or a national union government with a Prime-Minister to be established later. This was the only answer. A better government than the current one can be established anytime”, the UDMR Chairman added.

He reproached to liberals that they challenge only certain draft laws before the Constitutional Court.

“In fact, we didn’t talk about the threshold, the mother language, about anything. I don’t think that changing Dancila with Orban is a big deal” Kelemen Hunor concluded.

PNL Chairman Ludovic Orban stated on Thursday that the censure motion would have passed if voted by UDMR, because many dissatisfied PSD parliamentarians were willing to vote for it, but because of Kelemen Hunor’s announcement, they didn’t have the courage anymore.

“If UDMR would have voted the censure motion, it would have passed. I am 100% positive. There is a large group of dissatisfied PSD members, there are more than 30 votes, I discussed with many dissatisfied PSD parliamentarians in this period, but probably because of UDMR’s announcement, they didn’t have the courage to express their vote anymore, appreciating that if UDMR doesn’t vote, there is not (any chance – e.n.). Mr. Kelemen Hunor should better go and talk to the Hungarian citizens who are 80% dissatisfied with the current Government and who don’t understand why UDMR, which should theoretically represent them in the Romanian parliament, is stubborn to maintain in power this government system that makes a huge evil also to the Romanian citizens of Hungarian ethnicity from Romania”, the PNL Chairman Ludovic Orban stated at Parliament.


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