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September 29, 2022

Servier enters in force the premium dermato-cosmetics market in Romania

“Servier is the first independent French pharmaceutics company. We are present in Romania for more than 25 years, in fact 26 years. We are a native player, a major player in diseases like hypertension, heart failure, angina. We are also present in diabetes, in depression. We have some products waiting for approval and reinvestments for cancer diseases.  After 26 years we managed to become the leader of what we call the retail market. In figures, every day, 1.7 million Romanian patients are treated with our medications, that is almost 10% of the total population, which I think speaks by itself”, stated Serge Nicollerat (photo), General Manager Servier Romania at a press conferenceHe added that Servier is also a major player in chronic venous disease, 2 Romanian patients out of 3 are receiving Servier medicines. The company has recently expanded its product portfolio, also entering the dermato-cosmetics segment through its new premium Cedraflon cream, which is accessible to customers only through the pharmacy network.

Cedraflon combines the Servier medical know-how and the tradition of the luxury French cosmetics, being an innovative, cutting-edge solution. It is dedicated to people who feel discomfort and tiredness in their legs, removing the feeling of heavy legs. The cream can be used on all kinds of skin, being adapted to the daily use. The main ingredient of the Cedraflon cream is the Corsica Lemon (Cedra), which, along with menthol and the polymer technology, gives the skin an advanced level of hydration, contributing to an instant cooling and long-lasting freshness.

Being present at the press conference, Dr. Alin Nicolescu, dermatologist and Secretary General of the Romanian Society of Dermatology, stated: “Tired or heavy legs is a common issue, largely encountered, to whom, unfortunately, people don’t give the necessary attention. This feeling could indicate the beginning of certain circulatory problems that might significantly affect the active and dynamic living”. He also spoke about the results of a survey conducted in our country among the adult population, in which 185 GPs and approximately 7,400 patients participated, in order to test the existence of the chronic venous disease pathology. The results of the screening revealed that out of the total number of tested patients, 31.6% have been previously diagnosed with CVD, 31.5% of them where diagnosed when they went to the physician, while the difference of 36.9% of the tested patients haven’t been diagnosed with CVD. “I recommend to everybody to move as much as possible and to use the Cedraflon cream, a practical and efficient solution. If these feelings (heavy legs – e.n.) do not improve, we recommend you consult a practitioner, dermatologist or phlebologist, to identify the exact reasons and to prescribe you an appropriate therapy” Dr. Nicolescu also said.

“We are constantly launching revolutionary products, designed to satisfy the needs of all the categories of consumers, from all our activity fields. We are extremely proud that by launching Cedraflon in Romania, we can provide people who have the feeling of tired, heavy legs, an innovative, cutting-edge solution. Thanks to the quality and benefits that the product integrates, we are confident that Cedraflon will essentially contribute to the development of the premium dermato-cosmetics segment in Romania” also stated Serge Nicollerat.

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