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January 23, 2021

DefMin Fifor, German counterpart discuss cooperation opportunities in context of implementing endowment programmes

National Defence Minister Mihai Fifor met on Thursday with his German counterpart Ursula von der Leyen at the Federal Ministry of Defence headquarters, whom he talked with about the strengthening of the cooperation in the technical-military area, with both parties appreciating the cooperation opportunities in the context of implementing endowment programmes, carried out by the Romanian side.

Within the official talks, the two ministers tackled topics regarding cooperation in the allied defence area, within the European Union, as well as on the bilateral dimension.

“Minister Fifor emphasised the interest of the Romanian side to strengthen the cooperation projects inside the EU, especially those aimed at the Common Security and Defence Policy and the initiatives, such as the PESCO (Permanent Structured Cooperation), the EDF (European Defence Fund), CARD (coordinated annual review on defence), highlighting the Romanian side’s interest in developing the military capabilities and supporting the efforts in view of making them operational in a pragmatic manner, oriented towards obtaining some concrete results,” a release of the National Defence Ministry (MApN) issued on Thursday informs.

Moreover, the two officials agreed on an intensified cooperation in the context of Romania taking over the Presidency of the Council of the European Union in January 2019.

From an allied perspective, the National Defence Minister underscored the necessity to ensure coherence in the process of planning and implementing the allied response in crisis or conflict situations, of a equitable contribution to the common efforts of guaranteeing NATO efficiency, as well as capitalising on the Romanian-German collaboration options. He also pointed out the importance of including on July’s summit agenda in Brussels the topic regarding the security situation in the Black Sea region, with an emphasis on the initiatives carried out at allied level, as part of the re-assurance measures and for Romania’s offer to host a NATO command on its national territory.

Mihai Fifor pointed out Romania’s priorities at the NATO Summit, with an emphasis on creating a more united Alliance, a more modern and efficient one, a coherent defence and deterrence posture, a strengthened allied presence on the entire Eastern Flank, including in the Black Sea region, Romania’s offer to host a NATO command on its national soil, an intensified cooperation of NATO with partners, Georgia, the Republic of Moldova, Ukraine, as well as with the Western Balkan states.

The two officials agreed to develop cooperation between Romania and Germany in the military medicine and education areas, in order to ensure the training of the Romanian servicemen in the prestigious specialised education institutions of Germany.

Minister Fifor is paying an official visit Wednesday to Friday to the Federal Republic of Germany.

Photo: www.mapn.ro

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