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October 5, 2022

Romanian Red Cross celebrates 142 years since its establishment. Crown Custodian Margareta says she is proud to continue serving Red Cross principles

The Romanian Crown Custodian, Margareta, who is also the President of the Romanian Red Cross stated on Wednesday that she is proud to serve, alongside the thousands of volunteers within the Romanian Red Cross, the principles of this organization at its 142 years of activity.

“In the Centennial year, we honor the voluntary contribution, in the First World War, of the female nurses of the Romanian Red Cross. At that time, Queen Marie created the ambulance system and joined the Red Cross with commitment and courage in actions aimed at aiding the injured people. Today, all those present here, as well as the thousands of volunteers of our organisation, we are proud to continue serving, each day, the principles of the Red Cross,” Her Royal Highness stated at the event called “United for Humanity,” organised by the Romanian Red Cross on the occasion of celebrating 142 years since its establishment.

On this occasion, the Romanian Crown Custodian commended the young volunteers for their “work, energy, skillfully and devotion,” in developing a new department, as well as for the representation in the European Youth Coordination Committee with the the Red Cross and Red Crescent International Movement.

“I congratulate you all for the relentless efforts that you put in everyday in order to help your fellow man. Together we have built a strong organisation, capable to respond to difficulties and aid those who need our help,” the Romanian Crown Custodian stated.

In this regard, while responding to the press, Her Majesty stated that the organisation which she leads is always ready to intervene if needed as it has done it during the previous floods that affected Romania.

“When floods occur, the Red Cross has always, always been there. It’s one of the biggest problems existing in Romania. I am very sorry that this is happening. We are prepared,” the Crown Custodian stated.

Director General of the Romanian Red Cross Ioan Silviu Lefter stated he is “proud and grateful” for the work put in by the 6,000 volunteers and 380 employees, who operate under the most difficult conditions. He stated that he and the Crown Custodian are constantly in touch with the directors of the Romanian Red Cross branches.

“Certainly, we carried out activities in all branches and supported the citizens of all the affected counties. We are permanently keeping in touch with our branch directors, who signal us everything that we need to send. We had a convoy that we sent to Moldova on Monday with first necessity items. I refer here to boots, blankets, tents and pots, because many people didn’t have anything to cook in, the water took everything,” Lefter said.

The event was also attended by Prince Radu, representatives of all branches of the Romanian Red Cross around the country and Bucharest, members of the diplomatic body accredited in Romania, partners and friends of the Red Cross.

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