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October 4, 2022

CCIFER takes over the coordination of the CDR for the next six months : A new coordination, the same firm commitment

Coalitia pentru Dezvoltarea Romaniei (Coalition for Romania’s Development -CDR), one of the most important initiatives of the Romanian business sector, will be coordinated between July and December 2018 by Adela Jansen, as a member of the management of the French Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Agriculture in Romania (CCIFER). The coordination of CDR is rotative, and CCIFER takes over this responsibility from the Romanian-German Chamber of Commerce (AHK) after 6 months of coordination conducted by its president, Dragos Anastasiu.

The main directions of the Coalition during the Adela Jansen’s term will follow the strategic lines established by CDR for the current year, namely:

–              To increase competitiveness on the labor market by finding solutions to cover the shortage of labor force;


–              To simplify and de-bureaucratize especially the administrative procedures;


–              To unlock some concrete public investment projects;


–              To contribute to stabilizing the fiscal framework.


In the first part of the year, the CDR representatives participated in consultations regarding the amendments of the laws. “Achieving a clear legislative framework, not through GEOs, will make the private sector more confident in participating or even initiating concrete projects in the following months” added Adela Jansen, the CDR representative.

As for the issue of the labor market, CDR has already forwarded to the authorities concrete short-term solutions on adjusting the existing legal framework. With the support of the experts in the CDR member companies, a survey will be conducted in order to complement the proactive solutions meant to diminish the shortage of labor force, as well as the gap between the need of skills requested by the business sector, and the skills delivered by school. At the same time, the survey will suggest concrete measures to encourage the business sector to invest in education. The survey will start from the Romania’s economic and demographic reality and perspectives, from the recent public policies and initiatives in this area, compared to examples from other countries, identifying new areas of short-term intervention, as well as long-term projects, in order to be supported by the central and local public authorities and by the private sector.

Even though Romania is one of the main providers of high-skilled workforce in the IT field, it is still a country in which the de-commissioning of the counters has been managed to a very little extent by digitizing administrative services. The CDR specialists have the capacity to develop concrete proposals on simplifying the bureaucratic process. “We are ready to support the Government with ideas and proposals in this regard. Simplification, de-bureaucracy and digitization are needed in any field, in any industry, leaving room for efficiency and added value, for skills growth”, added Adela Jansen.

Through its agenda, CDR is constantly pursuing to increase economic competitiveness. This can only be achieved through the development of infrastructure, predictability and legal and fiscal stability necessary for the confidence of Romanian or foreign investors. Increasing productivity will also ensure a sustainable increase in the standard of living for citizens.

At the same time, CDR reaffirms its commitment to maintaining an open and permanent dialogue both with the representatives of the Romanian Government, and with the members of Parliament and political parties, in order to identify those measures aimed at ensuring, in the long term, a strong economic development of the country. Thus, the CDR expert groups will continue to provide position documents and concrete proposals for revitalizing the public policies in the main areas of activity.

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