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October 5, 2022

Minister Fifor pays visit to Army Hospital in Berlin and Regional Medical Center of the US Land Forces in Landstuhl

Minister of National Defence Mihai Fifor alongside General Nicolae Ciuca, Chief of General Staff, and medical Colonel Doina Baltaru, Commander of the Military Emergency Hospital “Dr. Constantin Papilian” in Cluj-Napoca on Friday visited the facilities of the Bundeswehr (of the Army) Hospital in Berlin, on the occasion of their official visit to Germany.

The Army officials discussed about the infrastructure available for the military personnel and patients, with the command staff of the hospital and Major General Stephan Schoeps, acting Inspector of the Sanitary Troops with the Bundeswehr.

The official delegation of the Ministry of National Defence went to the headquarters of the Rheinmetall company in Unterluss, where it visited the production capabilities and facilities and discussed with the company representatives.

Moreover, on the occasion of its visit to the Regional Medical Center of the US Land Forces in Landstuhl, where the medical staff treat militaries wounded in the operation theatres, the Minister of National Defence thanked the medical staff for their professionalism and care they showed in treating the Romanian militaries wounded in the international missions and brought to this hospital for treatment and recovery.

“All the Romanian troops who were treated here were impressed with the quality of the medical service, the sincere friendship the staff showed them and to the members of their families who came to visit them during their recovery,” stated Minister Mihai Fifor.

The trip to Germany also included a visit to the Auf Der Hochheimer Cemetery in Worms, where there are buried 168 Romanian troops who lost their lives in World War One, to the memory of which Minister Fifor laid a wreath. In this context, the Romanian official discussed with the local authorities, whom he thanked for their permanent support granted to the Romanian representatives in their commemoration activities dedicated to the troops who lost their lives during World War One, as well as for their involvement in the project to build a monument to their memory, which will be implemented in the next interval, says the release.

“The commemoration of our heroes is a holy duty for the entire Romanian people. At the MApN level, we treated such initiatives of rehabilitation, maintenance or construction of monuments dedicated to the Romanians, including in the cemeteries abroad, with priority. Any time I have the chance, during my official visits, I won’t hesitate to pay homage to the heroes of the Romanian Army and to personally get sure that their tombs are being taken care, as they should be. I especially wanted during my time in Germany to go to the cemetery in Worms, where MApN, through ONCE, is developing an investment projects started in 2018 to invest in building a Romanian commemorative monument. This is a priority for the MApN, especially as we want to finish this monument in the Centennial Year, and we have taken all the steps provided by the Romanian legislation in force for the building of this commemorative monument,” said Mihai Fifor, on the same occasion.

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