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September 29, 2022

Ministry for Romanians Abroad, Romanian Academy sign co-operation protocol

Minister for Romanians Abroad Natalia Intotero and Chairman of the Romanian Academy Ioan Aurel Pop signed a co-operation protocol between the two bodies on Wednesday, under which summer schools, meetings, classes for the Romanian elite abroad will be provides and an encyclopaedia of Romanians everywhere will be produced.

“I think that today is a historic day for Romanians everywhere in the Centennial Year, a very important year for all Romanians, no matter where they live or reside in the world (…) This year we need to be more united than ever and together to conduct as many projects as possible to preserve the cultural and linguistic identity of our Romanians everywhere (…). There will actually be some concrete projects that will come to their support, starting from our support, with our expertise, for classes in the history of the Romanian people and not only that to Romanians everywhere, and the creation of an encyclopaedia of Romanians everywhere,” Intotero told the signing ceremony of the protocol.

She also pointed out the participation of her ministry and academicians in the camps currently taking place for young people from abroad and stressed the importance of education for her ministry.

The chairman of the Romanian Academy said that the Romanian elite living abroad must feel that the country supports it.

“The protocol is active for the entire period of time that remains until the end of the calendar year, and I believe that it will continue into the future. We organise summer schools, meetings, classes for the Romanian elite living abroad, which must feel that the country supports it, that the intellectuals in the country are together and that we are one, which is why I think this protocol is important. It will bear fruit in definitive things, things of permanence, and the things of permanence are the volumes of studies to stay behind, monuments that have to cover the country and remind us that we are aware of the Centennial,” said Pop.

He added that the protocol is designed for all Romanian people living abroad.

He mentioned that Romanian language classes for communities living among Romanians, such as, for example, the Gagauzians in the Republic of Moldova, are being considered.

According to the Ministry for Romanians Abroad, the protocol will provide Romanian students with scholarships designed to strengthen academic expertise in the diaspora, while strengthening the links between Romanian language teachers and Romanian historians from the country and abroad and supporting the development of teaching materials for young Romanian language speakers everywhere.

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