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August 10, 2022

PNL, USR and PMP notified the Constitutional Court on the amendments brought to the Criminal Code

National Liberal Party (PNL), Save Romania Union (USR) and People’s Movement Party (PMP) announced that they submitted on Thursday the notification to the Constitutional Court (CCR) on the amendments on the Criminal Code, mentioning that over 30 amended articles have been challenged.

“The notification we have submitted to the Constitutional Court will be registered today (on Thursday – e.n.). We hope this code that protects criminals will never become a law. We request to CCR to send the preliminary questions regarding the rule of law, regarding this fundamental value of EU, to put these preliminary questions to the Court of Justice of EU and then to analyze our constitutionality challenge related to the PSD-ALDE draft law. This notification is the result of the work performed by PNL, USR and PMP”, announced the PNL MP Ioan Cupsa, a member of the specialized Committee on amendments to the Laws on Justice.

Cupsa also said that over 30 articles have been challenged to CCR, as well as the entire draft law, criticizing the amendment of Article 297 of the Criminal Code on the abuse of office and the repeal of Article 298 on dereliction of duty.

“Today (on Thursday – e.n.), CCR will receive many grounds and arguments which it can accept so that it will be able to solve these dangers for justice, for the fight against corruption and for the rule of law generally”, added the USR MP Stelian Ion.

Also, PMP MP Ionut Simionica stated that he doesn’t support the amendments to the criminal laws, mentioning that “Romanians expect us to issue fair laws for citizens, not special laws for political leaders”.

The draft law amending the Criminal Code was adopted on Wednesday by the plenum of the Deputies’ Chamber, as a decisional body. The law was adopted with 167 pros, 97 cons and 19 abstentions, in the circumstances in which at least 165 favorable votes were needed.

On Tuesday, the draft law amending the Criminal Code was adopted by the Senate’s plenum, as the first notified Chamber, with 74 pros, 28 cons and nine abstentions, after a tensed session in which the opposition tried to leave the power without quorum, but this wasn’t possible because the UDMR senators came in the room in order for the meeting to continue.


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